Monday, February 15, 2010

No Title Today apparently there's someone out there who reads my blog/cbox and went on to another blog to write crap using my url.. seriously, why? That's why I don't like cbox because anyone can use your url/email. Having a cbox is nice to read/reply to quick comments, but not this.
As for the blog who got shitted on with my url, sorry, the world's not perfect, I'm not going to add every single blog out there. If I can relate to a certain blog or if I feel that it will be a good link for myself (or any readers out there), then I will add you, and that's mainly the reason why I do so.
Life goes on...

Happy Chinese New Year, belated Valentine's and for those of you in Ontario, Happy Family Day~! There's so much happening in February so I guess that's the reason why it's so great to have a birthday around this time. ThankQ for all the birthday wishes =)
I got a prepaid Amex as a gift which went towards my purchase of the Clarisonic Mia. I had to put down some extra to get it and let me tell you, it ain't cheap. It's really too bad that Sephora Canada doesn't sell it in stores or online, so I probably paid a wee bit too much for it from Holt Renfrew (the equivalent of Saks I believe).
Hopefully it'll live up to what it says it does.


Old Cow said...

oh dear! While there are so manuy positives to blogging I am ever surprised at how many childish people there are out there!!
Stick to your guns lady!! x

Swtest2Lips said...

Omg thats awful! Sorry this happened to you. Some people just have 2 much time on their hands. Youre amazing because ur always positive! Stay strong!

Bea said...

oh my, that is the lamest thing a person can do. Don't think about that anymore. maybe that person ain't got life. Anyway, I've been eyeing for that clarisonic mia for ages lol. and yes, it's really expensive haha. anyway, looking forward for your review for that mia. :) laters hun!

kalai said...

happy cny to you too~ and hope you had a good valentines^^

its sad to hear people do that.. so childish~


Lulu said...

Happy CNY :) yay for Clarisonic Mia, you will like it!

xSplendidStar said...

Aww I'm so sorry about what has happened >_< It's really sad to see that there are some people who do these kind of things. I think they just need open their eyes widely and see the world as a whole, not as a compacted area in their mind.

On a lighter note, I hope you had a wonderful Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day :) and Happy Belated Birthday! Let us know how you get on with the Clarisonic ^_^


coffretgorge said...

its so sad to know about these people who use another person's identity to rant on blogs. no courage and shame at all. :(

anyhoo, i hope the clarisonic mia works out great for you m! ^^ :)

GirlAboutTown said...

sigh people have no lives these days...but cheer up...getting mula for CNY must be fun eh? haha i just used one of mine to haul makeup -.-' what an intense addiction this is...LOL

eri said...

how do you like it? i loooove my clarisonic! at first i was like, eh, it's alright, then i started using it everyday, and saw great results! i even make my bf use it and he gets more compliments on his skin now than me!

sorry about your cbox situation. makes me wanna take mine off too....

bowsnhearts said...

I hope everything is's annoying that someone else can use your identity in cbox!

I have read mixed reviews about the Clarisonic Mia so can't wait to hear more about it from you!

miemiemie said...

hmph what kind of twisted person would do that to you?

argh my undereye circles are scary in real life..people would often ask me if i've gotten some sleep already coz i always look tired..and that's me wearing concealer hahaha

オテモヤン said...


acutelife said...

oh, that's really bad using someone's else to write something nasty -.- so sorry to hear that. well i dont think i will ever use the cbox features on my blog. i hope you will sort everything out soon if not already :)

Suzanna said...

ugh, those people REALLY suck, they have nothing else to do with their lives! your blog is Fabulous!!! just showing some love on your page, I'm a newbie blogger at and you can follow me at
XoXo, Suzanna

ning * star said...

wow, I'll be really mad at this too.
Clarisonic, i hope u will do a review on it soon, I'm eyeing on it too, but was doubting which one to get xD by the way, i also waiting for sephora sale, i hope it will be cheaper though

Yumeko said...

i dont really know enough abt technology so i dont know wat u mean abt cbox but yes i removed mine a while back cos i got tons of spam

i hear so many good things abt clarisonic so i hope it goes well for u

i miss u! are u coming hk soon? i hope so!

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