Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes

This is super long over due, I've had the Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes A-1 since August 2009 and I haven't used it other than swatching. Finally decided to try something different for a change, no neutrals today!
I didn't bother taking a FOTD, I spent the entire day being lazy and didn't have to get ready to go out until late in the afternoon, I looked too tired in the pictures.

Using a cream shadow base really helps bring out the colors (Majolica Majorca PK705). If I didn't use it, the final look would be washed out. Even though the MM cream shadow is sheer, it still helps a lot. I do this step everytime I use eyeshadows if I have the right cream shadow colors to use.

The sponge applicators that came with this palette isn't the best, so I just used a brush.
I'm amazed at how pigmented these shadows were for a drugstore brand. This is my first Visee palette and I got it while in Tokyo.

Blending the pink shade up to the gold. I didn't use the glittery cream shade, didn't really like it.

Line the top and lower 1/3 of the way in with MUFE.

Blending the brown shade almost halfway up to make the liner look softer.

Do the same for the bottom to make a softer look.

And the final outcome, with my tired looking eyes.

Geez, a little change in the weather and my allergies go crazy. It's a high of 6C in Toronto which isn't normal for February. It should be covered with snow and freezing outside.
I've ordered some clothes from Yesstyle at the beginning of the month and they should be coming this week, I'm sooo impatient! Also, my order of China Glaze still isn't here bah!


Tracy said...

Miumiu, you're back! :)
Oh dear, I hope you're not working yourself too hard.
The MM Cream looks really interesting, almost looks like the Benefit Get Figgy creaseless cream shadows.

Edna said...

Looks pretty :) and the pink isnt too "pink"

miemiemie said...

its such a cute subtle pink look,very girly and natural! you don't look too tired to me,you should see me tired..haha

Suzanna said...

I love love love the way you did this post step by step like this! wonderful sweetie! I love the look. So CUTE!


miss wiggle said...

Oh whoa, you have GOT to share how your photos turn out so good! I can never get the eyeshadow pigmentation to show on camera! -___-

ning * star said...

neutral, subtle pink!

DiWiMakeup said...

That is a really pretty look! I can't wait to try it out one day!

paperdollrevenge said...

Oohhh darn you! I wanted that palette and decided not to get it, now you're totally making me want it again! Visee is my favorite Japanese drugstore eyeshadow brand! Love the pictures! Very pretty! Hope all is well! =)

Jamilla Camel said...

I love those shades against your skin..very flattering!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i agree teh MM shadow looks interesting,what i dont like about imju is it cant hold my curls up...but its good on volumizing and lengthening

Blair said...

I love the way you utilized A-1! So subtle and girly :)

I'm definitely reaching out for mine to replicate your look :)

acutelife said...

This palette looks cute, but i wasnt very happy with the color payoff of my first visee palette :(
the weather has been crazy here, hot and cold and hot and cold...X(

feeyona said...

love the pretty pink look! just wondering - does the MM cream shadow crease without a base underneath? cos i tried it out at the drugstore and love the texture but i can't decide whether to get it ^^

Jennifer said...

i love that Visee palette! you're very lucky to have got them in Japan :)

MilknCookiie said...

The Majolica Majorca cream eyeshadow looks so nice! Regular pinks look horrible on me because I have puffy lids but that slightly deeper shade of pink looks great. :D

♥ Milk

Lisa J. said...

Hope your allergies get better so we get more FOTD from you. ^^

izumi said...

oh no! hope your ChG order comes in soon~

i should try that "same color base" thing.. i was trying to use a kate deep trap palette and it was just NOT showing up on me.

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