Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yet Another Visee Palette

I have yet another Visee palette and EOTD to show everyone today. This palette was from Kay when she did the secret Santa, and what a Santa she was!

Seeing how much time I have now that school has finished (for now), I decided to do another step by step tutorial using the Visee Glam Hunt Eyes in Mauve. Again, I was quite surprised for the amount of pigmentation from the Visee palettes. I think this one showed up better than most of the palettes that I used for my EOTDs.
I have to admit I was kinda intimidated by this palette at first because of how dark the colors were (from the usual ones that I use), but I ended up liking the results.

I just sat in front of my window to take the pictures and if there's too much glare, I just pull the curtain over to change the amount of light that I want. I prefer taking pictures late in the afternoon, that way there's a good amount of light without washing out the colors.
If anyone is interested, I'm using my Panasonic Lumix FX38 that Tim got for my birthday last year.

Very beautiful shades, makes a nice day time or smokey look.

Using the MM cream shadow again.

Highlight with shade #1. I used the steps that were printed on the box of the Visee palette.

Applied shade #2 all over lid and used a bit of shade #1 to blend it together at the crease.
I must say, the Etude House brush does a very good job at picking up lots of shadow.

Using shade #3, adding more color to the outer and brough it up just a little.

Haha, you don't understand how many times I had to take this picture to get the liners at the right position.
Line 1/3 of the way in on the lower lashline. As for the top, it doesn't really matter how thick or thin since it'll be smudged anyway, it depends how dramatic you want the finished look.

Smudge shade #4 on top of the black liner.

Smudged shade #2 on the lower.

Highlight the inner corners using shade #5.

The finished look! It's not as shimmery as I thought, but still has some sparkle to it.

For extra oomph, add false lashes.

Thank you for all the comments on my last post =) I'm doing my best to start catching up on blog reading. Better than me sitting in front of the TV all day.

Do you remember my video on my weird Japanese curling comb? Click here if you forgot.
Well, Tim and I like looking for deals and he found a website that sells some really cheap stuff and some nifty beauty products, including the amazing comb I got from my friend. I know KT did a review on it as well, but I can't seem to find the post.
He's ordered from the site before and he already helped me order some things yesterday so there shouldn't be a problem with the sellers. And best of all, the shipping is free. I believe the products come directly from the manufacturer that's why they're so cheap.

Anyway, if you've always wanted to try that curling comb (Bobodave sells it for $43USD) or the fringe styler that I showed in this video, here's your chance to get it for a great price from Deal Extreme. I believe the prices at in USD.


Jules said...

This is such a sweet, romantic eye look...I love the colors you used. Very pretty! ^_^

GirlAboutTown said...

soo cute i love the false lashes on you!! on me it looks like spiderlegs trying to get outta my eye or smtn LOL

Popcorn said...

this a new layout? hehehe
sigh* I really wanted this palette but unfortunately I couldn't get. hahah the colors do look a bit dark. i was wondering what lash glue you use? I bought a really crappy one and it really sucks. :(

Mary said...

very pretty! that palette has awesome colors

Anonymous said...

Hey Millie! thats a very pretty neutral look! I have been resisting with visee palettes - but they usually have discounts on visee palettes so i might to check it out again sometime ;)

ning * star said...

really nice look. the falsies look great on u

Suzanna said...

YAY! great look! and love the camera have one :)

xoxox suzanna

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Very pretty neutral eyes! Nice make-up!

acutelife said...

oh thanks for reminding me of the site. I came across the site long time ago and forgot about the name, but ive been wanting to order from them. thanks!!
Love the visee palette, it looks pretty on your skin! :D

Lisa J. said...

Your tutorial's very helpful!~ and not hard at all. I'm using Panasonic too but my photography skill sucks hahaha

feeyona said...

that's a lovely natural look! the palette looks gorgeous as well.

miemiemie said...

ooh nice eye of the day with the palette. how i wish i could manage to take photos when i do wear eyeshadow..when i wear eyeshadow the bf would make a fuss..saying why'd i wear it that day,what was the big deal,etc hahaha..so to avoid too much talking, i try not to wear much when i'm with him..haha

Jamilla Camel said...

That Kay really knows how to pick those palettes!!

I love the way you lined your eyes!

shaynaJo said...

wow, u've got urself a really sweet and lovely secret Santa there :D
and i'm also looking for a curling comb/ electric curler...
the one tat u're using sounds jz great in doing its job. i might wanna hunt for it now :D

Claire Tan said...

Looks fab on you! Definitely going to try this look out with my Visee palette. Thanks dearie! :)


K / BihadaDiaries said...

Yay, I'm really glad you liked the palette! I like Visee a lot as well!

Pop Champagne said...

I'm in love with shimmers right now, I'm wearing shimmering eyeshadows everyday for the past 2 weeks! You look really lovely in the pics. I'm checking out the comb site now :D

evie said...

thank you for this tutorial! love it!

izumi said...

such a pretty eotd :D kay has great taste!

Syd said...

This look is fantastic

kalai said...

pretty~ i need to get a visee palette^^ i saw the spring neutral collection in vivi and i love it all but can't get it here=__=

love the lashes.. ive never tried crisscross lashes. they look really pretty on you. xx

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