Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Au Natural

Hello blog world,
Ever since I started the cosmetic program at Seneca, I realized that I probably had to be at school without makeup at one point or another, just to make it easier for my peers to practice on a clean face.
So with that said, I needed to get used to the fact that I probably wouldn't be using makeup, might as well try it out when I go out, however I cheated and still used something when I went out in public.
No eye makeup at all! I tried it once yesterday and again today, it ain't that bad. Since I didn't have any eye makeup on, I decided to add a bit more blush than usual.
On a side note, I am so proud of myself for using the JS blush (fresh apricot) so quickly.

For the natural look, I just filled in my brows, did some light concealing under my eyes (with Sana yellow concealer, not pictured) and gave my lips a little bit of pink color.

I mixed the #1 colors together and applied it on the lower part of my cheek, and did the same with #2 but higher for a glow because the colors were lighter. It's supposed to imitate the pink cheeks you get after going inside from the cold.
I took the photos using my iphone which explains the washed out colors.


Clover said...

very pretty natural look!
I like it a lot!^^

coffretgorge said...

u deserve a round of applause for hitting pan on the JS mix blush! hehehe :)

CHARRY said...

lovely look :)

Mary in Wonder said...

I'd rather die than going out without wearing makeup! @_@ But you're pretty brave! And the minimal makeup you had on is okkkay! ^.^

Penelope said...

love the fresh, natural look! The blush looks so pretty on you. Well done for hitting pan it!

kalai said...

its strange going out without makeup on isnt it?^^ i used to have to do my whole face even if i was going to the local newsagent or going to the gym!lol. but since working for Biotherm my skin has improved so much. I even happy to go to work without makeup on.xx

Cinnabunnie said...

the blush gives you a wonderful glow and you have adorable eyes ^^

cuttibebe said...

love the natural look! how is the kiehl tinted moisturizer? i've been using the philosophy one, but i still think it's not enough coverage for me. =(
happy bunny year!

MiuMiu said...

@Clover: Thankq~! I need to get used to less makeup XD

@Mary in Wonder: I was kinda weirded out without makeup, but it's easier if you try on a day where you don't see anyone you know

@Penelope: Thankq =) I thought it'd take forever too

@Kalai: Definitely, but it cuts out on getting ready time. I applied to work at Biotherm too, fingers crossed!

@Cinnabunnie: aww thankq

MiuMiu said...

@cuttibebe: I think I need to switch to the "light" shade soon, I'm getting too pale in the winter @_@ but it's decent in terms of coverage, mainly tones down any redness, with a bit of slightly tinted powder it looks pretty smooth and not greasy at all.

Sarah said...

i think it's a really pretty look to go out with no makeup sometimes - who needs it? hahaha. i mean, really. love the blush (: yay for hitting pan SO fast!