Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Goodies I

I like having my birthday in February because it's also near Chinese New Year, and of course most of you know what that means! I got some lovely presents this year and I'm gonna show a couple that I got from a friend. It's the new Paul & Joe Spring 2011 Parasol collection!

I loooooove the packaging..well pretty much all the packaging P&J comes in. Although the designs are so pretty, I'm a bit peeved that it's still made with cardboard...gggrrrru.. Nevertheless, it's still some nice eye candy.

I forgot to take swatch pictures, so you can view them on this blog.
I received the lipstick color in Chantilly 070 which is a sheer bubble gum pink. The color actually appears quite well on my lips.

I also got the Color Powder CS in Taffeta 072 which has a golden beige pink and a golden copper shade. The lighter shade goes in a bit sheer. I wasn't able to take some good pictures, but you can still see the darker shade show up on my eyes. I also used Coffret D'or Fluffy Shine Eyes (cream shadow) in gold as a base. This really helps with lasting power and helps prevent creasing. When the shadows are used alone with UDPP, it still creases slightly.

Just did basic application, lighter shade all over lid up to crease and darker shade on the outer.
I used the L'oreal Lineur Intense in Earthen Rock Brown, also a gift for my birthday. This has replaced my precious Lunasol liquid liner which has dried out considerably by now. (*le sigh*)

I've also used the Chantilly lipstick. Very cute pink indeed.

For those of you who are a VIB member, Sephora is giving away samples of the NARS pro prime pore refining primer (what a mouth full!). It's so tiny, probably enough for 2 uses. I look like a giant holding it.


Bubbly Mochi said...

Happy Birthday!! :D

faye lu review said...

happy birthday!!! gotta love b'days and presents in cute packaging... i'm so weak when it comes to paul and joe =)

serii said...

hope you had an awesome one :)
i had a quick question.. i remember a year or two? ago you were teaching abroad in korea & im about to graduate and im interested in that as well. is there a company that you'd recommend i go through? cause i hear alot about scams and im trying to find some reputable ones! thanks :D

MiuMiu said...

@Bubbly Mochi: Thankq =)

@faye lu review: thank you! i do too hehe...dang P&J..if it wasn't for the cuteness I'd probably not buy it

MiuMiu said...

@serii: Thank you =)
I went through a private recruiter called East Gate Teach, I think they've shut down since then. I actually applied to go again in January (2011) but decided to stay here for school..the company is Foot Prints Recruiting, you can just google it. It's a pretty big reputable company, although they might not reply quickly. I got an interview with them but turned it down. Otherwise if you plan on teaching in Seoul, you can also apply directly to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education ( the coordinator is Jon Pak, however their replies are rather slow, I waited about 1.5 months to get some sort of reply and even with Foot Prints I had to continually follow up with them. I find the it varies, sometimes they're fast at responding, sometimes it's slow. Just expect a lot of last minute things especially if you apply 2-3 months before the start of school (January and September)
Hope it helps!

Clover said...

happy birthday, dear!

oh the items are so beautiful!!! I love them!

PinkOrchids said...

Happy bday! So many goodies!! I love the eyeshadow!

Anna Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!
Aww I envy you for the Parasol goodies you got, especially the lipstick haha, lucky you

wordygeek said...

Hello ~ ~ ^-^

Just started following your blog and I love it!

Had my eye on the P&J color powder for a little while, but like you I hate card packaging - it gets worn so quickly!

I'm just starting out on a blog today - I was wondering if you had any tips for a beginner?

Thankyou x

Edgra said...

What pretty eyeshadow and lipstick you got.

Lucky you, the person who gave you this must be such a sweetie pie <3