Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Goodies II

Some more birthday goodies, except these I went out to buy with red pocket and birthday money.
Originally I wanted to buy the giant bottle of Philosophy Apricots and Cream body lotion, but I thought I'd probably get sick of the scent before I finish it, so I wanted the smaller one and Sephora didn't have it!
Intead I decided to get a new concealer. I wanted a better one for a while but never got around in getting it. I went to get the Bobbi Brown concealer from Holt Renfrew but the SA wouldn't sell it to me unless I got a corrector (aww...how considerate...but it saved me like $80). He led me to the Laura Mercier counter instead.

Here's what I came out with @__@

I got my new concealer and the Laura Mercier Color Preview Collection kit. I don't even see it on the Laura Mercier website or Sephora yet..I wonder how new this is????
I see it on the Neiman Marcus site and it's supposedly exclusive to that store. The lipstick picture is soo off btw.
I knew I didn't need another blush or more brown shades but long story short..I came up with some excuses and ended up getting the kit.

When the SA was trying on the concealer, I glanced over at the display case and saw the most gorgeous coral lipstick EVERR!! I said to myself that I must have it! But sadly it was only available in the kit since it was the new LE Gel Lip Color (the whole color selection is supposed to be out in the summer, but this shade was LE)

The kit comes with an e/s duo, full sized blush, mini mascara, 30mL of the foundation primer, pouch, full sized gel lip color, double ended shadow brushes and application card.

I didn't do swatches of the blush since I gave it to my mom. This shade is called Citrus Spark which is a reddish coral shade. Quite pigmented...the SA tried it on me and barely touched the blush with the brush.

Ah, the jewel of this collection.. the new Gel Lip Color in Grapefruit, a pretty reddish coral.
I don't know why I was so attracted to this shade...suddenly when you get older..you start liking shades you never thought you'd like.

The SA said it goes on sheer, I think it's still got some nice pigmentation to it and feels very light. Although it doesn't apply like "what you see is what you get", it still gives my lips a very pretty coral, hint of strawberry color. The lipstick glides on super smooth and smells kinda like vanilla. It's not as moisturizing as I thought, like the Maquillage or Lunasol lipsticks, so using a lipbalm is a must.

I'm not sure if the e/s shades are available to buy as regular shadows. It's your basic neutral brown shades that are good for everyday wear.

The lighter shade (sandstone) is a pearly beige shade that appears slightly pink. Sounds like the P&J shadow I reviewed recently? Except this doesn't have a heavy golden tone to it.
The darker shade (cognac) has a hint of gold in it and it's not as pearly as sandstone.

The shadows are soo buttery and soft and apply very well on my eyes. They blend easily and lasting power is amazing. I'd say better than some of my Japanese ones (Lunasol, Aube Couture. I wore the shadows on for more than 8 hours with UDPP and no creasing whatsoever. Sandstone is very pigmented and cognac takes a few layers to get the right intensity.

Another basic application, also using L'oreal Lineur Intense in Earthen Rock Brown. I'm also using the LM secret concealer in #3. Doesn't cake and crease as easily (still does after a day of wear) as Beauty Maker Aqua Concealer.

The brushes are full size and picks up the shadows very well.

The SA also gave me a sample of the almond coconut milk body lotion and a nice size tube of the scrub. Smells super delicious but I don't think I'd ever buy the full size.

Me and my big head pictures XD

Another birthday goodie I got was some China Glaze nail polishes. Here I'm using Golden Meringue. It's a sheer golden shade which shows up depending on the angle and lighting.

One more week of school with tons of assignments, then study week..then going back to school for 3 midterms...wha...so not fun.


Old Cow said...

Excellents treats. The polish looks especially pretty.

JordanMayTwigs said...

I love the LM products!!!
I need to try more.

And that ChG Nail Polish is SOOOO PRETTY!!



Mona said...

nice laura mercier goodies! the blush looks promising

eri said...

such great bday goodies!!!!

Clover said...

great bday haul! I love the items!

Clover said...

great bday haul! I love the items!

Vanity-Fashionista said...

Lovely Laura Mercier kit! I like the lipstick :)

Pretty nail polishes too! xx

lisa said...

ohh you got so much great stuff.. i really love the color you used on your eyeshadow.. that's so pretty!!

i'm a new follower :) love your blog.. and would love for you to follow me too!

Iyah said...

WOW!! lots of goodies!!! and you're looking gorgeous as ever :D

Lucy Eadie said...

i love the lip stick colour!!


miss wiggle said...

Hello missy!! :D Happy belated birthday! I love the lipstick on you~ Really complements the eyes, and flatters your skintone. *thumbs up!*