Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pearlish Beige

Hello hello, long time no blog.
It's almost Christmas and there hasn't been a lick of snow in Toronto! I remember, back in the day, it snowed so much that school got cancelled. Saying that makes me feel old.

About a month ago, I ordered 2 Christmas presents for myself, one being the Aube Couture holiday palette and the other being the Lunasol Full Glamour Lips S Pearlish Beige#36.
I first saw it in the Sept 09 issue of Vivi and wanted it ever since, but Adam Beauty didn't carry it until recently.

Lunasol's lipsticks are great because they're creamy, smooth, and not sticky with the right amount of shimmer. It's got medium pigmentation, but as usual for me, lipsticks generally don't show up to what it looks like because of my pigmented lips. BTW, the lipstick is a bit lighter than in the picture.
The Pearlish Beige is one of the prettiest looking lipsticks I purchased, with a swirl of multi color glitter on it. The other ones are the P&J 061 and 062 from the Spring 09 collection with flower designs etched on the lipstick.
The shade is a beautiful beige with a bit of a golden undertone to it with very fine shimmers. I think this goes great with any of the eye makeup I consider more dramatic for me, like Lunasol Dazzling Night.

Here's a quick FOTD with Dazzling Night and Pearlish Beige. I much prefer not lining the bottom lashline with this palette. I've tried many times to get it right, but still, lining the bottom looks strange o_O

Oh, I'm also taking down the comment box since I'm not around blogger enough to keep up with it. Blogging is starting to become more and more difficult as I'm watching my spending a lot more with makeup. I hope that doesn't disappoint anyone! But I'm going to school in January to take my TESL certificate in hopes that I'll be in Hong Kong by August 2010, thennnn...the frequent posts shall commence XD Wish me luck!