Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Soft Smokey?

Happy Holidays! I just realized I haven't updated in 2 weeks. Hope all is well in the blogger world. I receieved my secret Santa package from Kay and I'm uber excited to open it!

As you probably all know by now, I don't like to line my lower lids, which is why my post title is soft smokey. The "soft" is also due to the fact that this dang P&J shadow is so sheer.
LE things like to grab hold of me and tempt me to buy them. Who could resist though? Because how many other people might have this LE item? (Lots probably)

ANNYwaay... the LE item is P&J 062 shadow duo. I got this waaay before I came back to Canada, on my second trip to HK in August. By now I can't remember the price or the collection name, I just remember I got it from Langham Place Mall in Mong Kok.

This is a cute little palette and there's barely any fall-out while applying. I think that's all I have to say that's good about it. This was quite a disappointing purchase from P&J and I wish I had swatched it and thought carefully first before buying.
The pan width is a bit bigger than the MAC shadows, big enough to last me a lifetime. Sadly, the packaging will probably not last a lifetime because it's made of cardboard. Eventually, I know the sides and edges will start to mess up.

The lighter shade is grey, although it has been sometimes described as blueish-green, I honestly don't see it hehe. The darker shade is a deep navy. The lighter shade has very little hints of shimmer while the darker shade is near matte. They're not shimmery enough for my taste, but it's a change to my usual shimmery colors. These shades are so sheer it bugs me. I hate having to layer on so much shadow that it might crease badly as the day progresses.
I know I'm just bashing this palette right now, but one last thing, the applicator, it's so small!!! I can barely even hold onto it so using a brush is a lot easier.

I used the MM shadow as a highlight, applied the lighter shade as the main color and used the darker shade to blend the eyeliner up 1/4 of my lids.

You can see how sheer it is, but I supposed it's good for looks that aren't too dramatic for daytime. But, I have to confess, I haven't used this palette when going out yet, I've only played with it at home XD

I'm sure most of you have heard of Bubbi of BubzBeauty on Youtube. I was inspired by her Messy Updo Bun video. I tried it out and loved it!
This look is super cute and easy to do. I especially love how it gives an illusion that I have more hair. Making a real odango bun is a bit difficult for me because of my fine hair, so this is a great alternative.
I used 10-12 bobby pins and this held up through the day. If there were any flyaways, all I needed to do was add another pin without redo-ing the whole thing. The head band was from Korea. I wish I had stocked up on more, they're really cheap there.

I'm putting the comment box up, but I do apologize if I don't reply to your comments, but it makes me happy to see them =)


izumi said...

yaaaay, comments. i hardly return my comments either, unless there's a question, hahaha. xD

anyway, i LOVED her hair tut! it looks great on you too :) makes me wish i had longer hair.. can't wait until it grows out.. it'll probably take another year or so.. my hair grows soooo slow. bah!

eri said...

what a cute p&j eyeshadow duo! :)

i love that headband. i was sad when i read it was from korea. i can't go out and get one. hahaha.

hope you're having a great holiday season!

mandy said...

your hair looks nice! & the headband is cute!! *note to self: must get headbands if i go to korea :P

i love your soft smokey look. not too out there..definitely something i'd want to try if i ever wear eye makeup!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Cute hair and P&J e/s! :)

lilluna5416 said...

love bubz you did her hair so well

Jess said...

Ahh... can't wait to see what you got from your Secret Santa, hehe...

I quite like the colors of the PJ duo e/s on you. Oh, and what a nice updo bun - very cute!

ning * star said...

me too... cant wait. oh, your hair looks cute :)
do u miss korea hair dresser?

acutelife said...

loving your messy bun :D how is it going on your side??Im on holiday now lolz...are you going to move to HK soon?

miss wiggle said...

Love the shiny hairband - goes nicely with your bangs. :)

Mary in Wonder said...

argh I hate sheer shadows! Especially if they are supposed to be smokey! @_@ and cardboard boxes scream cheap! WHy did they do it?

Anyway, the hairdo is nice! Casual and lovely!

Catherine said...

Very pretty soft EOTD and I LOVE the hairstyle!! So cute!

Uinisan said...

I guess for me I don't mind the sheerness of the shadow coz I'm all about being subtle even when putting on makeup ahahahaha... So I'm loving what you did with it :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

gorgeous smokey eye...I love the way your smokey eye looks both innocent and beautiful on you. The packaging of the eyeshadow is so darling as well

Mona said...

your hair is SOOOO cute!

Kate Gene said...

I love messy buns! That's all I'll wear at work. :)


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