Friday, August 22, 2008

Blue Eyeshadow Application

Here's another picture from my Sony Ericsson K800 of a Japanese magazine on blue eyeshadow application. This magazine was dated from earlier this year and as you might already know, the 3D Lighting Eyes palettes are already considered outdated.
The steps are kinda flying everywhere because I didn't wanna be seen taking pictures from a magazine! Haha, I looked kinda ridiculous doing it actually, the waitresses were giving me weird looks.
I can't read Japanese, so I have to keep staring at the pictures to understand what's up. The eyeshadow on the model is the Coffret D'or 3D Lighting Eyes in 02. The MUA used the Anna Sui Glitter Eye Color Stick in 100 as a base, then used the palette to create sort of a gradient look on the eyes. Then used mascara and a heated eyelash curler. Finish off with black eyeliner and voila!

Or, you can always apply the eyeshadow the way the Coffret D'or website has it. I only did it the way the website taught me and haven't had time to try the magazine way.

Coffret D'or released some new eyeshadows last month called Fluffy Shine Eyes. Judging from the picture and the commercial, they'll probably be similar to Maybelline's mousse line. The singles are pretty but I like to have my eyeshadows picked out for me like a palette to do a certain look. However, I still likie because on the Coffret D'or website, they used the pink and lavender to make a sweet innocent look.


fuzkittie said...

I am totally getting all their e/s palettes, lol. Thanks for taking the pics of the magazines, I love "reading" (browsing, haha) Japanese beauty magazines!!!

MiuMiu said...

hey fuz,
i'm so addicted to those magainzes, and now that i've been reading blogs since last year, it keeps me on my toes about makeup!

paperdollrevenge said...

For as outdated as those palettes are, they should totally sell them for cheaper! hehe I really love the gold one at the end.

Ahh I wish I could read Japanese whenever they show tutorials in the mags, especially for hair. I need to step up my skills!