Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Natural Makeup Look

I'm sure everyone has their lazy days when they don't feel like playing around with too much makeup. Lately I've been like that so I go for something less dramatic. When I'm feeling lazy and don't want to use any color I go for a natural no makeup look, well my version of natural.
Looking natural is always nice as it matches with everything I wear and I don't have to keep deciding what shadows to match with my outfit. Best part is I don't have to figure out which color e/s should go where etc etc... Here are the things I used for my look.

For my natural makeup look I like to use my Sephora liquid liner in Copper (not shown) and Estee Lauder eyeshadow in Tea Biscuit and Cinnamon. I just sweep the Tea Biscuit on my lids up to my brow bone and use Cinnamon on my lids. These Estee Lauder shadows don't have the best staying power, even with the UDPP, so later in the day I have to do a touch up. They also crease a bit if it's too humid outside.
The MJ Majolook BR742 is also nice for a natural look if I'm in the mood for a bit more shimmer. The highlighter and "trick on" shades have quite some shimmer in them so I don't always use that palette.
Since the browns don't stand out as much, I use my mascara to compensate for the lack of popness. I use my usual Imju DejaVu Fiberwig in black and I will put at least 3 coats on. My friends always comment on how I have "major crazy lashes" with this mascara.
For the rest of my face I just use my usual Shu Uemura Pro Concealer in 5YR, Lavshuca loose powder and my T'estimo blush in PK-18. Sadly, T'estimo has been discontinued and now replace by Coffret D'or. But I think Coffret D'or is better, but their blush selection isn't as nice as T'estimo.
To finish up my look, I use either my Coffret D'or lipstick in BE178 or my Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex in BE205. For this look, I used my MJ lipgloss.

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fuzkittie said...

Woah I really love that liner! I'm going to have to check it out at Sephora, it looks soooo pretty on you~

As for the hair powder... I think if you used it every other day, the bottle could probably last 3 months? I'll let you know how long mine lasts, haha.

I didn't use any curlers, that was the hair I woke up with after washing it the previous night...