Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Korea Trip Update

My fellow baristas must love me so much. They got together to get me a photo album and an apron that's been signed by everyone *tears* I shall take a picture when I remember. I'm gonna miss them all!!! Hopefully I'll learn how to send packages in Korea (because I don't speak or read Korean) so I can send them some nice surprises.
Anyway, I've finally finished my interview for my visa. For some odd reason they wanted to ask me a few questions on why I want to go to Korea to teach before I can get my visa. I probably won't be picking up my visa until the day before I leave. I was told at first I can get it the day I do my interview, but the consulate closes at 5pm, and my interview was 430pm so it can't be processed that fast. Now I supposedly have to wait 2-3 business days to get it when I'm leaving on Saturday! I've already written on my visa application that I'm leaving on August 30th, so I must get it, otherwise I don't even have my passport to go throw the Korea customs haha.
My flight will be 14 hours long and I'm gonna be so jet lagged when I get there. It takes me roughly a week to get over jet lag too, so I might forget alot of things that anyone tells me on the first week. Not good at all! Maybe I should bring some Red Bull with me.
I still haven't even started to pack yet because I've been so lazy, but I should get started on that today.
I'm so excited since I get exposed to all sorts of new Korean makeup and skincare. I'm mostly looking forward to the Laneige stores since I paid no attention to them when I went to Hong Kong in May.


Anonymous said...

Ah! That's so awesommee!! I've been wanting to teach in Korea or Japan. I hope you don't mind me asking, but is the whole process difficult? Is it necessary to have a bachelor's degree in English/Education? Does the company provide lodging? lol Sorry for being so nosey. I really would love to teach English one day in one of those countries! ~sigh...

Goodluck =) I'm sure you'll have an awesome time!

MiuMiu said...

Hi Sarah,
Not a problem at all!
I actually applied for teaching in Korea at the end of July after a friend told me about it. Then the whole process was rushed because they wanted to get me there in September. The whole application process cost me alot of money so application, ordering transcripts, background checks...etc
They only require a BA at a well known university and you must be born in Canada, US, Britain and a few others which I forgot. You don't even need a teaching license nor experience. I guess they just want you for your perfect english haha.
Everything is provided, like airfare and accomodatoin, just not the eating part.
If you're still interested, I can give you a few websites.