Thursday, August 14, 2008

Makeup Focus: Majolica Majorca

Majolica Majorca, or MM or MJ, is starting to be one of my favourite Japanese brands. It failed me the first time when I tried the Lash Enamel Glamour and the Majolook in VI343. The mascara just clumped my lashes and it was very difficult to remove, and the Majolook e/s just didn't have any staying power. However MM is a good quality inexpensive drugstore brand, but when I went to Hong Kong back in May, I could only find it independent stores around Causeway Bay. Back here in Toronto at the infamous Pacific Mall, there's a store that sells everything at a ridiculous mark up. So a single eyeshadow would cost about $6CAD on Adambeauty shipped and at Pacific Mall it will be $10. The blush is about $10 on Adambeauty and $20 at the Pacific Mall store..etc.
Majolica Majorca is ridiculously cute, from its makeup themes to the packaging, which is very princess like. If you've ever ventured onto the MM website it features various themes like dolls and "Love Hunter". You can scroll around with your mouse searching for little pop ups that show off the new makeup pieces. My favourite theme so far has been "Beauty in Black", although I don't think I can pull off the smoky look without getting a pro to help me do it =p
The eyeshadows are all shimmery and the colors go on medium pigmented, so some layer in needed. I find that the shadows need some touching up because it tends to fade after a few hours, even with UDPP. Don't even imagine what it's like if it's super humid. The shadows are sort of in between cream and powder which I very much likie. I have the singles in BK922 and WT920. BTW you must be careful about dropping these as they will shatter easily like my BK922. I also have the VI343 and BR742. I think the BR742 formula has improved as it has more staying power than the previous Majolooks. I use the BR742 when I don't feel like using anything colorful as it creates a neutral look.
The only eyeliners that I've tried were the Automatic Liner in BL777 and the Jeweling Pencils in BL503 and SV802. The Automatic Liner is like a pen and you turn the bottom to get the product. It stays on very well, but if you get any sorta liquid on it, it comes right off. The Jeweling Pencils feel like a creamy liner. They have glitter in it and I find the lasting powder is very good. I've even cried with these babies on and they stay put.
The other item I have is the Rouge Majex lipgloss in BE205. It has a fragrance to it that I can't seem to figure out what it smells like. It's not super sticky and it also has some good lasting power.
Give it a try, it's not too expensive. I'm sure you'll fall in love with the cuteness like I have.

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paperdollrevenge said...

Aww cute...gosh you were hauling cute Japanese makeup before I even had any clue about them or where to get the good ones, etc. =P

I really like the MajoMajo website and their themes, very cute, creative and girly!