Tuesday, August 12, 2008

should start packing

Yay, I'm going to Korea reeeaaallly soon. As in next week soon. To teach English in Seoul with Mr. T man. The only problem is, I was told I will depart from Toronto between the 21-23 and yet I don't even have my work visa yet! Yikes! Damn this whole 3 week rushing to get my documents and flying my ass to Korea before August 25!!! This was so sudden too. I literally applied for teaching 3 weeks ago and got the phone call from the agency the next day, got my contracts the next.
I haven't even begun to think about what I need to pack, aside from packing a year's worth of Tampax because according to my friend who is there teaching now, tampons are a rarity there. Nice. I also don't have a second luggage to pack all my junk in.
One major rant I have is, I spent a whoooole lot of money for this application. Notarizing my degree, passport photos, criminal checks, business casual clothes that I am totally NOT used to wearing.
I'm SOOOO looking forward to purchasing my first Etude House Peach line products, as the Muse has gotten me wanting them so badly. Also some Laneige makeup would be nice.


the Muse said...

hello there ;-)

Nice blog here!

Loving the Aube Shower Eyes post!

Congrats and welcome to the blogsphere ;)

CuttiBeBe said...

hi millie! just wanted to double check, r u the one with the dog passed away? b/c i have a reader named millie who had a pup passed away, but i don't remember she had a blog. however, i see thatyou just got started, so you might be her!

congratz on the exciting upcoming experience! i'm so happy for u and T! you will love spending time in a foreign country and omg, all those makeup! can you imagine?

I see that T cares for you so much and i'm assuming he's the bf. I hope the time away from your so called "friends" can let you see who really cares for you. sometimes, as people get older (passed 22), your best friend is your boyfriend, b/c that's the one you spend so much time with. don't feel bad. enjoy your time with him.

i wish you allthe best. and pls pls do continue blogging! i'd love to hear your stories in korea

paperdollrevenge said...

I like how you were pressed on time for packing and getting your work visa...but thinking of what products you're going to buy in Korea, hehe. =P

I actually find it really interesting 'cause I'm thinking about going to teach in Asia myself. That's kind of my secret though not so secret now to you and anyone who reads this comment. ;)