Thursday, August 14, 2008

i wish it was still summer

When summer time comes along, I usually opt for something "FOB" since I was never the type to dress all girly girl or CBC. I rarely even wore tank tops with thin straps. I think turning 23 also changed my mindset. I'm starting to suddenly want to buy a bunch of dresses, heels and shorter shorts and skirts. Miss Fuzkittie is also feeding my urge because all her outfit photos are just so uber cute and girly. But damn this Toronto weather, it's already down to 16C in the evening which means there's no point in getting new skirts/dresses and shorts. I made an acception when Artizia threw a up to 50% sale. I swear I've only purchased 2 things from there ever, that's because if you walk around York University or Uni of Toronto, half the girls you see there all wear those yoga pants and use the TnA bag and other such Artizia products. Anyway, my only purchases were cheap, my $50 grad dress and this pink tank for $25. I thought it worth it cuz I need to start adding some more girly things into my wardrobe. Besides, I can rock this when I want to go somewhere a wee more fancier like a bar/lounge. Hurry ladies! Aritzia still has their 50% sale, Eaton Center has more variety.


fuzkittie said...

Oh yes I've enabled once again! :D

16c at night already huh? Well it's been quite cool as well here in the US, where I'm at at least... I would suggest getting some stockings, knee high socks, and cute boots to wear with mini skirts, shorts and dresses! That should keep you warm at night~

fuzkittie said...

Oh that top is so cute on you!
Is that necklace from Vivienne Westwood?? It's very pretty~ Loving the skinny jeans too.

MiuMiu said...

thanks fuzkitte!
everytime i see your name it makes me think of my fuzzy cats, then i wanna go pet them
yupp...well my friends got the necklace for this asian mall called pacific mall..dunno if you've ever heard of it...deep down i think it's not real, but who can tell anyway! lol for knee high socks and stockings...i dunno if i'll be able to pull it off =p