Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Haul: Skinfood and Etude House

I can't believe how hot it is in Seoul right now. Back in Toronto, my friends tell me it's already down to 20C and here it's 30C! Ridiculous. My electricity bill is gonna be so high because of the a/c. In my school there is a/c but no one seems to turn it on, so while I'm sitting at my desk or teaching, my jeans are just sticking to my legs and I'm sweating and shit. The other teachers don't seem to have this problem. *sigh* This shows me how Canadian I am, because I can't stand the heat =p
I'm so happy that my first weekend was the Harvest Moon Festival and I have a 4 day long weekend, so I went shopping in Myeong-dong area. I didn't really buy that many things because it wasn't as cheap as I thought. Aside from the clothes, I decided to get the new Etude Lash Designing Vitcara mascara because it came with some cotton pads and a sample of the mascara remover. Those Etude SA are so good at convincing me to buy something by giving me samples. *shakes fist* I'm usually very picky about my mascara because I have oily eyelids and my eyes are watery, so mascara tends to come off easily. This Etude mascara was only 9500won anyway (about $9.50CAD) so even if it gives me racoon eyes, it was cheap.
The Etude SA gave me some samples of the Aqua Sherbert Gel Cream, as usual but I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet.
I also visited a Skinfood and got 2 Snow Tea Mask Sheets and a tub of Herb Green Tea Pack, both which are supposed to help reduce the appearance of sun damage and freckles. I also got a sample of the Orange and Mint Body Essence and Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam. I've tried the Orange and Mint Body Essence. I really like how it smells but I don't feel that it's moisturizing enough. I also tried one of my sheet masks, hopefully it'll help take away my nasty freckles. It feels very refreshing when I took the mask off.
I went into one of the drugstores here called Olive Young because some of them sold Canmake, a Japanese brand, which is not common in Korea. I was disappointed because Canmake was so expensive. The Essence in Foundation, a liquid foundation, was about $18.00CAD for such a small tube, so I will have to wait until I got to Hong Kong to buy it. I was surprised that Olive Young sold the PA nailpolishes from Japan so I had to cop a few. The nailpolishes were 2000won and the top coat was 6000won, not really cheap but then I haven't been disappointed with PA.


fuzkittie said...

You lucky girl!! I'd be shopping my head off and forget completely about my work if I were you. Haha.

blahsayblah said...

yay!! You made it to korea! So, how is everything going over there? Good? Bad? okay? Did you finally get a place with Mr. Tim? Or still looking? You are so brave to move out to a foreign country all by yourself!!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Fuz,
I don't think I can do much shopping just yet. I'm not getting paid until the 24th @__@ i'm so tempted to buy something from Etude house everytime I pass a store!! lol sometimes it sucks to be a girl...all these temptations!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Blahsayblah, it's Ann right?
It is VERY VERY hot...I've been here for more than 2 weeks and it's still so hot!
Everything is ok, the housing is taken care of by the Seoul Education office. The only minor problem was that the school district told my school that they didn't need to worry about the housing and Tim's school will find the couple housing. stupid them...didn't tell tim's school to find the couple housing. So now we're living in a box...I'm not sure for how long lol.
It's not that bad. I kind of blend in here if I don't open my mouth and speak because I'm Chinese. People ask me for directions sometimes and they stare at me weirdly if I speak English back to them.

little nIng star * * * said...

hiya, so tempted to get all these stuff... how's the wash off mask?