Friday, September 12, 2008

My First Mini Haul

Yay my first haul since I got to Seoul. I was walking around and I noticed there were soooo many Etude House stores. I thought I was in heaven!! I first heard about Etude House from the Muse when she wrote about the Peach Pact and I finally got to try it out myself! I tested the Pore Erasing Peach Base in pink and the Peach Skin Pact, I didn't buy it yet, but on my hand, the color just blends in so nicely! I'm surprised how small they are though, so I'm slight disappointed. I also saw the newsletter in Etude House that featured the Muse so I quickly grabbed one. I'm getting paid on the 25th and I think I'm gonna go ape shit when I walk into another Etude House.
Another makeup/skincare store that Seoul has is called Olive Young. It's very similar to Sasa in Hong Kong, so it has skincare, makeup, hair items and other various toiletries. They sell all sorts of Laneige products and Cathy Cat, which I saw on Lotus Palace's blog.
Here's a picture of my first haul. I got an Etude mirror and nailpolish remover. The saleslady then loaded my bag with some freebies! I got a sample the Speedy Total Mineral Base, which is a 3 in 1 SPF, makeup base and foundation, but it isn't called BB cream. I tried this on my hand in the store and it also blends very well to my skin. Another sample I got was the Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling mask, a box of sponges and Natual Powder Essence Foam facewash.
At Olive Young they had a Canmake display so I purchased the Eyelash Essence which is supposed to help me strengthen my lashes.

Here are some random pictures from the Jongno area. There are too many pictures and I'm too tired to resize them all, so enjoy!

Here is me adding to the graftti on the wall. It's strange that if you find a random wall somewhere, there's usually grafitti on it from other people. I guess vandalism is ok?? lol

This cookie thing is actually caramelized sugar. At this street store a lady was melting sugar over a small flame, then poured it on a pan and pressed it flat with a press. So cool! It was super sweet and tasted like the top of creme brulee, it's also very light and crispy.


miemiemie said...

the cookie looks so cute.anyway,do you have any idea if the makeup in the korea airport is much cheaper than in the US?

MiuMiu said...

hey miemiemie,
thanks for dropping by!
I think it depends on what you're looking for. If it's MAC or Estee Lauder or any other well known brand of makeup, it's about the same, or more from what I've noticed. I didn't really look at the makeup at the airport so I can't help you there. Plus this is my first time in Korea.
But if you're looking for drugstore brands, I recommend you to visit Lotus Palace's page, she has tons of Korean makeup reviews.

take care!

cellophanegirl said...

Do let us know after you tried the Peach Skin Pact! I was so close to buying it from Gmarket a few days ago but wasn't sure if it will be too light on my NC25 skintone. You're so lucky to be in Korea! I'd love to be in your place. Tons of beauty & fashion purchases to be made!!

MiuMiu said...

Hi Cellophanegirl,
I haven't purchased any of the Peach line since I think it might be too light for me. However, if you stop by the Muse's page, she has a great review of the product, so she might know more about the color than me.
Haha, I'd actually love to be in Hong Kong more since there are more Japanese cosmetics avaliable there. Most of the clothes so far, I thought were not as cheap as Hong Kong. The cheapest clothes that I thought were nice were between $15-$20CAD, and Hong Kong is cheaper.

Hello KT said...

i just found your blog and love it! im excited to read about your haul from etude house. i have been wanting some of their products for the longest time! hope you dont mind if i add you to my blog roll = )