Friday, September 5, 2008

Trapped in a Compound

Well it's not really a compound, it's actually the Hyundai Learning Facility. All the teachers that have been flown in to teach including me, are staying at this facility for orientation and some teaching techniques. We're not allowed to leave the premises because we are being paid to focus strictly on teaching, which kinda sucks because I haven't seen any of Seoul yet.
Anyway, it's not so bad here, aside from the fact that I have 2 room mates in a really small dorm. We're provided 3 buffet style meals that is only served during certain times, an exercise room, free WIFI, computer lounge, sauna, field made with grassy carpet that has a bball, soccer and volleyball net, laundry and a games room with a jitz table, tetris, billards and ping pong. Not bad at all haha. But I think I'm going crazy since we can't leave the facility and I haven't gotten a chance to shop!! I miss my makeup, there's no point in using it here since I'm waking up to go to a lecture hall everyday anyway.
Good thing I'm moving out tomorrow, then I should be living in a apartment with Mr. T. I still got tons to do, like open a bank account, get an alien registration card and health check.
So no more of my boringness, does anyone know some good shopping areas in Seoul? Do let me know!


fuzkittie said...

Wow, that sounds cool! Good thing you are moving out, hahaha. I'd go insane too if I'm in Seoul but couldn't see it! Glad to hear you're doing well there~

fuzkittie said...

Oh to answer your question on the e/s colors for business casual, I'd go to blues and pinks! :D Those go great with brown. Anything paired with brown makes it more professional, haha.