Friday, September 12, 2008

Moved Out and Teaching.

Wow it's been such a hectic week. Last Saturday, I moved out of the Hyundai Learning Facility to an area called Dongdaemun in Seoul. And it is ghettooooo! So I'll try to make this short. I'm supposed to be housed with Tim, but our school district head office screwed it up. Both of our schools were supposed to find us each a place to live, but we requested couple housing. So, our school district told my school that they didn't need to worry about the housing and Tim's school will find the couple housing. But they never told Tim's school to find the couple housing, and they only found a single dorm. So now I live in a box, with a single bed, wardrobe, drawer with desk and a shelf. For appliances, we have the washer, single stove top and a mini fridge. Well our school is supposed to provide us with a budget to buy things. For my school, I had an option of moving out and takin $700CAD to buy household stuff, or if I choose to stay in the box with Tim, I will get $500CAD a month because of the error in our housing. Of course I'm going to stay in the box and take the $500CAD. Tim's school however, told him that he doesn't have a budget to buy household items, when he's actually supposed to get one. So now we gotta push his school and bug the shit out of them to give him his budget since I don't have one.
So now that I've moved out, I have started teaching at Wonmook Middle School. I'm teaching grade 7 and 9 monkeys and it's tough. Either they listen and not participate, or they're very noisy and don't listen. I teach 21 different classes a week and this whole week was my intro, which meant I repeated myself 21 times this week. I've also never had to talk so slowly in my life. But I'm sure I'll get used to it. I thought it was going to be nerve racking to have 35 pairs of eyes staring at me, but half of them aren't listening anyway so it's like I'm talking to myself.
Whoa, I have alot of reading to catch up on, I've been deprived of sleep so I haven't read blogs for a week.

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