Friday, September 26, 2008

A Cool Crisp Day

Ahhh...I can finally say that it's a lovely day in Seoul. The temperature has dropped to an average of 17-22 degrees and I luuurrve it! Everyone is wearing sweaters and scarves already, but the BF and I are still wearing our t-shirts. I do have to admit that it's a bit chilly at night, so I gotta find a fall jacket.
This week I had to scream my head off at 2 classes because they just won't shut up! One class understood me because their English is better, the other class just stared at me like deer at headlights. I basically told them that they showed me no respect when I am here to help them improve their English. Hopefully I don't have anymore of those episodes.
I'm so bored. I have not watched any sort of English television program since the beginning of the month during the orientation. There's no point in getting a TV, but I think Tim wants one just to have the background noise.
Apparently I look very different when I don't have my glasses on. I wear those thick frame black glasses with purple on the inside, and my teachers and students were surprised. I used my Lavshuca Loose Powder and light dusting of my Baby Skin Veiling Pact, DejaVu mascara and my Sephora liquid liner, and I thought it was really blah and plain.
I'm so upset that I can't take pictures because I don't have a digi cam. I'm hoping to pick up a Sanyo digi cam/camcorder thing in HK, I can't remember what it's called.

I'm going to see a Korean baseball game tomorrow. Apparently, the tickets are all the same price, but the seats are a first come first serve thing. So I gotta get there about an hour before it starts to get a good seat.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend!!


CuttiBeBe said...

wow, i can't even begin to think about how hard it must be to teach there. I used to teach english in china and my students were awesome. well b/c most of them are college students, working professionals or people who pay a shit load of money to be learn english. i had about 150-200 people in my class and i lost my voice by the second week. even though i had a microphone, i was constantly talking and trying to pronounce things the correct way. They had boxes of cough drops stacked in the office, so anyone can take some. it was good times, but i don't know if i can do it again. being a teacher is tiring!

keep it up girlie! you starting to sound a stressed out adult, like me! that's great, b/c we need one more pissed off female in this world. =)

MiuMiu said...

oh steph, everytime i read your posts it just makes my day.
i want to strangle the kids here and beat the shit out of them lol.
150-200 people? oh man, i can't even handle 36 i can't imagine how nervous you would have been the first time. but then you already know how to speak Chinese, which helps. I only know about 4 Korean words haha. I don't really intend on learning anymore since I don't need to translate or talk to the students.
I don't think I can ever be as stressed as you..working in a corporate job right? haha I would imagine there's more stress than teaching. The only stress I have is the kids and planning the lessons without any help.
But after all this money...I'm gonna take a nice vacation to Hong Kong and splurge on some high end more of this drug store brand!!
Thanks for the encouragement! =D