Monday, September 22, 2008

Etude House: Speedy Total Mineral Base

When I first made a purchase at Etude House, the SA gave me a sample of the Speedy Total Mineral Base. She told me that it works as a makeup base, sunblock and foundation, but it is not a BB cream. I got the sample in the Light Beige 01 color, which totally doesn't match my skintone. I found this out when I was on the subway and Tim said that my face looked strangely pale.
I went back to Etude House to find the color that suited me, which was Natural Beige 02. I am quite happy with this purchase. It cost about $11CAD for 50mL. There are only 2 colors to choose from so this would probably not suit people with a darker skin tone. I find that most of the Etude foundation and powders are really light, and some of it might even be too light for me.
On the box, it said, "Mineral makeup base supplies light thorough coverage with sun protection". And yes it is light coverage and it feels light on my skin, but if I touch my face, I know there is something there. I really like how there is sunblock and foundation in this so I can go through my makeup routine quicker. I rarely use foundation because I don't like how most brands make me look fake, so this is a nice alternative for light coverage without feeling like you've used a lot of product on your face.
The product comes out of a pump, which is great because you can control how much product you want as well as keeping it nice and clean. I only apply a light layer on my skin and then I finish off with the Lavshuca Loose Powder in Lucent.
The staying power is ok. Since it has been quite hot and humid in Seoul, by the end of the day, most of the foundation is already gone. There is no detectable scent which is nice.
I will repurchase this again, but it will take me a while to finish the first tube. I don't use much makeup when I'm at school teaching, except blush and powder. It's too much work to have to touch up and I'm just plain lazy.
I purchased the sponges from Etude House yesterday to use with my Speedy Total Mineral Base, since it's easier to apply the product. They were only $1.50 for 4 and it came with a plastic case.

An update from the previous post about the Etude House Lash Designing Vitcara. When I first used it, I put about 2 coats on my lashes first, then I let it dry and put a coat of the DejaVu Fiberwig on and this did not smudge at all. But yesterday I did it the other way around, and it did not work. By the end of the day, there were visible smudges underneath my eye. Sigh. There is no Japanese makeup that I know of in Seoul, except Canmake and the Heroine makeup at some drugstores, so I can't even buy a new tube of DejaVu mascara. I'm running out too! So I will probably have to search for a new mascara.

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Where do you buy etude house in toronto, canada ?