Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shoe Hunting

Since I've been in Seoul, I have noticed that 99% of the women here wear some sort of heels. Whether it's raining or not, they are wearing heels! I know I can't get myself to do it for 9 hours a day since I'm standing most of the time. I wonder how those women do it.
I've always loved shoes but it's very difficult to find a pair that fits me well. There are tons of shoe stores here. From cheap to expensive, they're all so pretty! But it's hard for me to find a good pair of comfy heels because my feet are weird. On both of my feet on the sides of my big toe, my bone sticks out more than usual, so it looks like my toes are crocked. I forgot what it's called. But because of my bones sticking out, it's very difficult for me to wear a nice pair of heels or flats for more than 3 hours. The more I try to jam my foot into these pretty shoes, the worse my foot will become. It will get all red and feel like my toe is about to throb right off my foot. It sounds gross, sorry for that image.
Just last week I wore my H&M flats for more than 9 hours and the side of my toe was hurting like mad. The padding isn't very good to begin with. So after that terrible day of wearing those shoes, the side of my foot was numb for a week. I'm not doing that again. Oh what a waste of a nice pair of flats.
So far the shoes that I've tried on, fit me perfectly, except where my bone is sticking out. I have to buy a size bigger, which is size 10, but all the stores don't seem to carry this size. I also have to stick in an insole because of the larger size.
I have yet to find a pair of nice heels that fit comfortably. It makes me sad to have to wear Converse all the time. So now I'm still hunting for the right pair of shoes.

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