Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sitting on my Arse

So this week I only had one day of teaching, but 2/4 classes were cancelled because the teachers wanted to do a review for the midterms. From Tuesday till Thursday it was midterms and I had nothing to do but sit there from 8:30am until 4:30pm. Today I left earlier because tomorrow is another Korean holiday.
Just from sitting there for 3 days, I could just watch my stomach grow bigger and bigger after each lunch. Man, those Koreans really love their rice. Rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No wonder I'm starting to gain some weight. Gyms are not really popular from what I've noticed, and people think you're retarded if you go jogging outside. So that means I'm going to try to cut down my rice intake as much as possible.
I hate planning lessons. The textbooks that I have doesn't make any sense. The chapters are so random. For example, my grade 7 textbook has a chapter about clothes, and then it also talks about what kind of task you think is difficult and how do you solve it. WTH??? So I basically had to make a whole lesson of teaching my kids how to buy clothes and incorporate that difficult task page into it. I don't think my kids will notice it anyway because 3/4 of the time they don't even listen to me.
I showed 2 of my classes this commercial, which is about why you should learn English. Only a few students understood it while I was laughing by myself.

I wish I could blog while I'm at work. The school has blocked some websites and Blogspot is one of them. I can only read entries, but not read/write comments or add a new post.
After all this annoyingness this week, there was 1 good thing that came out of it. My co-teacher helped me order the new(sorta) Laneige LE Snow Magic Box Crystal eyeshadow set. I got it for $22, about $8 cheaper than retail. Good enough for me, because my Coffret D'or eyeshadows cost me about $25 each.

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Diane said...

Please post more on your teaching experience!!