Monday, October 13, 2008

Lavshuca: Loose Powder

Today I introduce you to my bestest friend: Lavshuca Loose Powder in Lucent. Lavshuca is a sub brand of Kanebo and it is an inexpensive drugstore brand. I love Lavshuca because it has such a princessy feel to it and it's just so darned cute.
This is what I've been everyday since last December after I read it on Rouge Deluxe's page. It's a nice translucent setting powder that lasts all day and gives me fresh looking skin. I don't like to use foundation so this is perfect for me.
I got this on Adam Beauty for I think $24(?) it's kind of pricey for a drugstore item. I purchased a refill of it a few months ago since I'm running low. I got the new one at Watson's in Hong Kong for about $20. For this price, it lasts a long time. I just need to put a light dusting of this powder on and I'm ready to go.
The Lavshuca Loose powder is a translucent beige color with a slight hint of shimmer. It doesn't have super noticable shimmer on your face however, so there isn't anything to worry about. I find the slight shimmer helps to brighten up my face, but it mainly appears matte.I really like this powder because it helps control the oil on my face, since I have oily skin. It also does a very good job at disguising pores which I love and it helps to slightly even out my skin. I just wished that it had just some sun protection in it.
Inside, it has a sifter, which is nice because I won't get powder everywhere. The puff that comes with this powder is so soft and it picks up the right amount of product. I just hold the puff in the container, turn it upside down and shake a few times to get the perfect amount. The only problem is if I try to use it to spread the product like using a brush, it tends to make my face look flaky, even though I have oily skin. Strange huh. So as long as I stick to pressing the powder then it's fine.
If there was a compact version of this I would definately pounce on it because the case is quite inconvenient to carry out with me. But the powder does last the whole day so I don't really need to worry.


fuzkittie said...

They do have really adorable stuff!! Though I almost feel too old to use it. Hahaha.

MiuMiu said...

i'm sure you can't be THAT old hahaha.. i never act my age having this lavshuca powder is my lil secret for my love for adorable goodness!

VanityMakeup said...

:O i NEED that!

lol, lavshuca would have to be my favourite brand, although we cant get it in Australia