Monday, October 20, 2008

Maquillage: Forming Shiny Eyes #52

Today, I bring you the Maquillage Forming Shiny Eyes from the Mode Mix collection.
I've never used Maquillage before, but after reading the reviews about this eyeshadow from Fuzkittie and Cuttibebe, I thought I should give it a try.
On Adambeauty, I they sold it for $28CAD plus and extra $2 for international shipping. However, there were a few annoyances that prevented me from buying it. I wanted to purchase this on Adambeauty, but for some reason PayPal wouldn't accept my credit card. Most likely it's because I put down a Korean address for a Canadian credit card. Also, since the Canadian dollar is so crummy, after the exchange from USD to CAD, it came up to about $36 @__@. I went earlier to find it at the Lotte Department store and they sold it for 40 000won, so roughly $36CAD, the same as if I bought it from Adambeauty.
I actually thought it was kind of expensive, considering how small the palette is, but I still got it because I didn't want it to be discontinued when Maquillage comes out with a spring/summer line.
After all these minor rants, I must say that this e/s is absolutely perfect. It's sitting way up there with my Coffret D'or palettes. I originally wanted to purchase #53, the lighter pink and brown palette, but the Lotte Dept store was sold out and I got #52 instead.
At first I thought the colors wouldn't go together. I mean think about it, pale pink highlighter shade, gold and purple? But I was wrong! They go beautifully together!

I think it's quite small compared to my Coffret D'or palette, but it packs a good punch. I like how it's got 2 layers in it to prevent the shades from mixing together. On the bottom, there is a little drawer with the brush. I was kind of annoyed at how the plastic seemed kind of cheap, nevertheless, the quality of the shadows make up for it.
At first I thought the shades went on quite sheer, but layering always does the job. I love the texture of the highlighter shade. It's like a silky cream and it goes on sheer but leaves some gorgeous shimmers on my eyes.

I followed the instructions on the box. I used the pink highlighter up to my brows, the gold shade all over my lids, and the purple shade halfway up my eyelid. Then I used the gold shade the blend everything in. The pictures don't show the colors that well, but believe me, it's got some good pigmentation to it. The colors also appear exactly how they look when you apply it. I also used my MAC fluidline in Blitz and Glitz and my DejaVu Fiberwig.
This shadow has some great lasting power. I used my UDPP and Lavshuca loose powder on my lids. It lasted for a good 6-8 hours or so before I did a touch up. It wasn't super humid the day I used it, but I'd imagine it'll still be just as good since high end Japanese makeup has yet to disappoint me. Of course the colors appear a lot more vibrant in real life.
I'm loving the Maquillage Mode Mix palettes so much that I think I'm going to shell out another $36 for it. But this time I'm going to get #53.

It kinda sucks that you can't see the shadows, but it's there. I'm just not good with taking pictures.


fuzkittie said...

Woohoo!! :D This one looks very pretty as well~~ I love it! Your lashes are looking gorgeous there!

cellophanegirl said...

Yay! I can finally relate to your review today because I have the same thing but #55 instead. I agree it's a tad pricey but so worth it because the colour payoff is great. I'm thinking about getting another one too but the current US/CAD exchange rate is too much for my wallet to handle =_='

On a lighter note, my etude haul from gmarket finally arrived today. This is my first time trying their products after reading reviews on your blog and others. I bought the peach skin pact, big eye vitcara mascara #2, orgel light lipstick, and another orgel light lipgloss. Can't wait to try them all tomorrow!!

MiuMiu said...

Thanks Fuz! Of course I'm always jealous of your looks. Even if you don't use e/l on your bottom lashline, you can still tell that there's something different about your eyes. Not me however, I've been told that I look the same haha, and I don't like to line the lower lashline =p

Cellophanegirl: Did you see the video that I just posted? It's got a tutorial using the color that you have. Where do you purchase yours?
I've tried to navigate through g-market and I find it too confusing and annoying haha, but I'm sure when I get back to Toronto next year, I'll cave in and buy something.
You should do a FOTD with all your Etude products! I haven't been going to the Etude house stores lately as I'm trying to save up some money =p
I hope their mascaras work better for you than me!

cellophanegirl said...

Hey, I saw the video on youtube! It was love at first sight and I absolutely must have it. My roommate's sister went to Japan over the summer so I had her purchasing it for me (along with some MM goodies). Suprisingly, it is more expensive to buy Maquillage there, I remember it being on Adam Beauty for $28? I paid $35 for mine. Anyhoo, I really liked it so no complains there.

So far, I really like my Etude House haul! Sorry I can't make a FOTD look at the moment because my camera is broken and my cell & webcam takes pretty crappy pictures. I will when I get a new camera tho! I use my peach skin pact with my bb cream and it gives me a perfect finish unlike my mac or palgantong powder which made my face look extremely cakey.

As for gmarket, I find it confusing too! Fortunately, I have a Korean friend who helped me place the order so she took care of everything. I just tell her what I want hehe. I am tempted to order again!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Cellophane girl!
I'm so jealous of you. You have someone to go right to the source to get the cometics!
I don't understand why it's so expensive either, especially here in Seoul. I mean, Japan ain't that far from here so shipping shouldn't be THAT much o_O
I went to Etude House to test out the peach pact and I like how it's so silky, but it's too light for my skin tnoe =(
Were you looking for Korean items or Japanese items on g-market?
If you're looking for some drugstore brands you can always head on over to
I heard of this sit from the Muse, though I haven't gotten anything from them yet. The shipping is a bit pricey though, but most of the items are rare finds, depending on where you live.