Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maquillage Forming Shiny Eyes and Blush Application

Here's a link for the eyeshadow and blush application of Maquillage's Mode Mix collection. The tutorial is slightly different from the way the Maquillage package teaches you.
For those of you who are familiar with Taiwanese magazines, or you understand Mandarin, this is perfect for you. It is from a popular beauty magazine in Taiwan called FG magazine, or Fashion Guide. Oh I wish how my Chinese my fluent. I can barely understand Mandarin and my reading and writing skills are bum! If it was in Cantonese then I'd understand what they're saying.
This tutorial teaches you how to apply the Forming Shiny Eyes in #55, the darker pink and brown shades as well as the Designing Cheek color. Enjoy!


fuzkittie said...

Aaahhhh that video makes me want to buy everything, hahaha. Thanks for sharing! I used to check FG all the time but I have forgotten about it for a while!!

MiuMiu said...

I miss that magazine, they don't sell it here =( Well even if I could get my hands on it, I can only make out like 3-5 words in a sentence haha not enough to do anything.

CuttiBeBe said...

i think the way she did her "smokey eyes" is very "dirty". it's not a clean look.

have you received the P&J stuff yet? i shipped out last week... hopefully it'll get there soon!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Cuttibebe,
I kinda thought that too when the model had her eyes closed haha, it looked ok when her eyes were open. In most of the tutorials I've noticed that they go very heavy on the black eyeliners and dark eyeshadows, which I thought was odd for asian eyes.
I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm so looking forward to it! =)

Kimberly Tia said...

oooo Maquillage looks fun and such pretty colors! thanks so much for sharing those!!!