Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween: Just Another Day (Picture Heavy-ish)

Today is Halloween so I decided to wear some black and white cat ears to my classes. (Seoul is 13 hours ahead of Toronto, that's why it says 8am at the bottom) My first class was very amused at the fact that I had them on. After that class, I went back to my office to grab some material for my next class, I put the cat ears back on and started heading out the office. Then the VP sees me and starts laughing and asks me what those "things" are for and I tell him it's for Halloween. So I start heading towards my class and he stops me (the whole time laughing) and tells me that I'm violating school policy! He also said something about modelling and Korean custom. Half the time I didn't understand because his English wasn't really good, so in the end he tells me to take it off. He also talks in Korean at the same time, so all the other teachers around me could hear him. Feeling like a retard, I continue to my 3rd period class. When I get to class, I see another teacher in there, then the students start yelling out that classes have been switched. I was so clueless then I headed back to my office.
When I sat down, the VP came back to me and said thank you for taking my advice. Then he starts on again about Korean custom, school policy etc etc, while laughing at the same time. He totally made me feel like such a retard and I was so embarrassed! How was I supposed to know about this school policy? I'm foreign! I'm sure he didn't mean to make me feel like a dumbass, but you know, being a Westerner, I celebrated Halloween for fun.
I got quite pissed at him and the teacher that I was supposed to teach with for 3rd period. No one bothered to tell me about this schedule change. I shouldn't be surprised because this always happens to me. But I'm more pissed at the fact that I have to create a new lesson for next Friday for the class I just missed. @___@
Anyway, here are some more random things from today. I went to Homeplus (Korean versino of Wal-mart) to grab a couple things and had a small dinner there. I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Stuff on a stick anyone?? It's actually a flat fish cake dunked in MSG filled soup. A popular street food. For some reason, when Koreans eat these, they also get a side cup of the soup to drink! First of all, the fish cake is super peppery so I would assume the soup is, second of all, it's probably 99% MSG! Gross...

Have you ever seen so many varieties of canned tuna??? The wall is actually bigger than this. crabs for ya! They cost a whopping $41-ish!

Now this is something different. This giant baby probably has meat that's bigger than my hand. Can you imagine biting into this juicy piece of guts and muscles? I think I'm gonna stick to the regular sized mussels that I order at Pickle Barrel.

Sea squirt? Note: Not my's Tim's. haha

Sea cucumbers. I thought they were still alive. Well they might be. But they look sorta dead, just floating around in that bag of watery goodness.

Waiting for the subway. This stupid station is the last stop for some of the subways, then we gotta get off and wait for the next one, so annoying!!!! We waited for 2 trains (since both weren't going any further than this station) and when we finally got it, I felt like I was in a sardine can with no ventilation.
Today's look: plain and simple/what I usually do when I'm lazy. For my face, I used the Etude House Speedy Total Mineral Base, Lavshuca Loose Powder and T'estimo blush in PK-18.
For my eyes, I used the UDPP and the Coffret D'or palette in 03, only the brown shade. I'm also using the Estee Lauder eyeshadow in Tea Biscuit as a highlighter. I lined my eyes with the Sephora Long Lasting e/l in Copper, then I put on a coat of Diorshow mascara and 2 coats of the Imju Dejavu Fiberwig.
My makeup has pretty much faded as I took this at the end of the day. I put my "face" on at 7am in the morning and most of it has lasted until 7:30pm. Most of the time I feel like I'm not using makeup at all. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference, except for the Etude Mineral Base and the Lavshuca powder.


Bittenbefore said...

do u reccomend etude's mineral base?

u look so cute

u gotta bring me around seoul!!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Bittenbefore,
If you like light/sheer coverage, then it'll be perfect for you. It also feels more like a tinted moisturizer.
I don't wear foundation on a daily basis so this is good just to slightly even out my skin tone.
I have oily skin, so it'll probably not work well in the summer, also if it's a warm day outside, the product will feel well not sticky, but you know it's there if you just touch your face.
During the winter it's quite good at keeping my face moisturized. I hope this helps!

blahsayblah said...

I agree with the first commentor, u look cute in this pic. (:

fuzkittie said...

Looks like so much fun~ even in the groceries, haha. Your skin is looking great!!