Thursday, October 9, 2008

Laneige: Snow Magic Box Eyeshadow

Yay! My Laneige eyeshadow palette finally came along with a bunch of samples! Half of them are in Korean so I have no clue what to do with it.

When I first saw this palette online, I thought to myself, "I must have it!" as it was so pretty and elegant. When it came in the mail, it was wrapped in bubble wrap and as soon as I opened it, my finger prints got all over the pretty silver case. It was bound to happen and it's not like I'm going to wear gloves everytime I touch the case.
For some odd reason it didn't come with a box, only the instructions and the actual palette. I purchased it for about $8.00 less than retail so that's ok.

The Snow Magic Box is certainly different from the usual palettes I purchase. The case has 2 swivel layers in it. In order to get to the brushes and the colors, you just turn the layers to get to it. I'm not too fond of this idea though. Sometimes the brushes kind of move around and there's a possibility that they will get caught while you turn the layers. The swivel also got slightly loose which annoyed me. Also, if you try to get to the colors by holding the cover to turn it, there's a chance that your nail could scratch the eyeshadows. One good thing about the case is that on the corner that attaches all the layers, there is a dangly silver snowflake, very cute.
The palette includes 3 mini brushes, with sponge tip applicators and brushes. I think the brush parts do horrible job at picking up shadow. The sponge tips, including the sponge tip liner brush, works a lot better. The sponge tip e/l applicator is not very effective. Since the tip is quite pointed, it digs into the shadow very easily, even with a gently touch and on a side angle. I sort of have some brown e/s bits rolling around the rest of the palette.
The eyeshadows look gorgeous, it's nice for an icy look. I have to admit the quality of the shadows didn't impress me.
First the silverish white shade has a lot of chunky glitter. It is also very hard and it's very difficult to pick anything up, with the brush or the sponge tip applicators. I've noticed that the glitters kind of get everywhere so I have to be careful with application. I also had to swipe it many times before I got enough on the applicators. The light blue shade and the brown liner shade is much better than the silverish white shade. It is more soft and glides on more smoothly, however, it isn't very shimmery. You're actually supposed to use the silverish white shade to add some glitter to the light blue shade. I find that it's hard to get the glitter ontop of the blue eyeshadow without getting glitter everywhere or rubbing off all the blue.
The shadows go on sheer to medium. I had to layer on the shades 2 times to get the right amount of color. The staying power isn't that good. Even though I used the UDPP, the shadows still faded a bit. Mind you, I put my makeup on at 7:00am and it lasted until about 6:00pm. I still did a touch up or two just to ensure the color was still vibrant.

Overall, I think it's a nice palette to get that icy look. Was it worth my money? Not really. But this is my first Laneige makeup item, so I had to give it a try sooner or later. Also, for about $22CAD, I could have added $3 extra to get the Coffret D'or palettes which work much better than the Snow Magic Box. However, I don't have access to CoD here so I have to wait until I go on a trip to Hong Kong to puchase them.


fuzkittie said...

I saw these and they looked soooo adorable!! But I decided not to get it since the colors are really different.

Anonymous said...

Omgod, I've been planning on getting that ! It's so cuuute ><"