Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coffret D'or: Star Dazzling Liner

Coffret D'or is one of my favourite brands because it delivers quality for its price. I don't use any of their base makeup items, but I love their point makeup items, especially their eyeshadows.
The item I am going to review today is the Star Dazzling Liner. This was one of the first items to come out with the line when it was first launched back in December 2007. It actually reminded me of the T'estimo Shining Eyeliner. I'm sure it's the same thing since Coffret D'or had replaced T'estimo.
Prior to using the Star Dazzling Liner, I would reach for my Tiffa glittery eyeliner, which is the same color as the Coffret D'or one. I got it from Sasa for about $10CAD, but I've only used it about 5 times before I gave up on it because the glitters would come off easily. There was one time when I was out shopping that I realized one of the glitters got under my contact lens. Since then, I have not used the Tiffa, or any other glitter e/l as I was afraid it would happen again.
I actually didn't purchase the Star Dazzling Liner. I got it as a birthday present earlier this year. It sells for $25USD on Ichibankao and about $15-20USD on Adambeauty.
If any of you out there are looking for a problem free, gorgeous glittery eyeliner, this is perfect for you! I love it! I have the WT-04 shade, and I'm thinking of purchasing other colors as well.
So here's why it's so great. It's long lasting, tons of glitter from the first swipe on your eyes and it's virtually water proof! I've drawn a line on my hand and scratched at it and ran water over it, but the e/l stays put.
There's 5.2g in this tiny bottle, but a little goes a long way, as one swipe will give you tons of glitter. The brush is soft, but hard enough to draw a nice line. It also has a fine tip for easy application. You can make thin or thick lines with the brush. The liner is clear with tons of fine silver glitters.
So with that said, I love this eyeliner! I use it over my brown/black eyeliners to get that extra bit of shimmer, and it also dries quickly and stays put the whole day.
Go buy it!!!


fuzkittie said...

Wooooo, you make it sound sooo nice! :] Definitely on my next to buy list! Haha.

Joyce said...

haha..millie.. you should show a picture of that e/l ON YOUR EYES..haha

MiuMiu said...

Anything from Coffret D'or is nice ~.^

I dunno if I have time to do it right now hahaha. All I have is my cell camera anyway so it might not turn out that well =p