Monday, October 27, 2008

School Stories

How many of you wash your hands on a daily basis??? Apparently, not everyone here does. The teachers at my school may be all nice and such, but hidden underneath them is a really gross secret: not all of them wash their hands.
I haven't noticed this until a few weeks into my teaching. I was walking towards the washroom behind one of my co-teachers who didn't notice me there. She got into the stall before me so I went to the one next to her. And being a woman, you have your monthly duties to take care of, and this echoed throughout the washroom. I was still in the stall doing my business when I hear that the teacher beside me was done by the sound of the toilet flushing. She skipped out of the stall and out the door.
Wait a minute. Something is terribly wrong here. I didn't hear any familiar sounds coming out of the tap, nor did I hear the hand dryer or any sort of drying with napkins. WTH??! I had the grossest image in my head about the door knob. Since then, I have not touched the door knob at all. The door never closes all the way so I can grab the edge of the door to open it. I have never been soooo disgusted. Oh and she's not the only teacher that does that. After that incident, I've noticed that other teachers just walk right out the door after doing their business. Eww....what if I had to shake their hand later that day!?
The strange thing is, even though 90% of them don't wash their hands, all of them have some sort of teeth brushing disease where they must brush their teeth after lunch, but not wash their hands after taking a piss?? That doesn't make sense.
Actually it isn't just the teachers at my school that do that. I've noticed many girls in the public washrooms who don't wash their hands right after taking a piss. They touch up their makeup or hair and then they wash their hands. Gross..
I am also bothered by the fact that they all say hi or nod/bow their heads to me whenever we bump into each other in the washroom. I know it's Korean politeness and such, but I just wanna take a piss!


fuzkittie said...

Hahaha, that's gross!!! Maybe it's part of the culture... washing hands each time is just not what's in their habit... But then the teeth thing... weird.

miemiemie said...

eeew that is so disgusting! i freak out if i touch something..esp.doorknobs, money, windows, tables or right after handshaking and then i won't wash my hands..omg I am so OC when it comes to my hands..and that woman! right after changing her pad!? wtf!!!

MiuMiu said...

it's quite gross and weird at the same time...another thing that is school has water dispensers around the hallways for the students. whenever the students are thirsty, they stick their mouths right under the tap and drink...eww....and there's always big puddles left in the hallways

blahsayblah said...

hahah eww *barf* that is gross..can't u tell them to wash their hands after they piss? That is soooo unhygenic...*barf* *barf*.