Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Tour: Pictures!

So my weekend wasn't THAT boring. I thought my Saturday would be wasted, but I went to see, or attempt to see fireworks for Korea's birthday celebration. I only managed to see about 15 seconds worth of fireworks before I got so fed up with having to bump shoulders and arms with strangers. I swear it was a tidal wave of people as far as the eye can see, and you can't really decide where you wanna walk because people would push you in certain directions.
On Sunday night I went with Tim to this man made river thing in Seoul called Cheonggyecheon. It's actually in the middle of downtown Seoul. During the day it was quite boring, but at night you can take such gorgeous pictures. Of course I'm no good with the camera, so Tim set the settings and I just snapped like 5 lol.
I noticed that there are a lot of drunk people just lying around anywhere that looks comfortable to them. A cart or the subway station perhaps? I didn't take pictures of Saturday because it was waaay too crowded, so I leave you with a few Sunday pictures.
Of course I did some shopping. I bought 3 long sleeve tees for $10, pants and a couple more shirts and all I spent was $50 in total. Woot!

Somewhere in Myeong Dong near the man made river. So random.

Nap time in the subway.

The strange cone during the night.

I like the effect that the camera can take, it makes the running stream look like ice.


fuzkittie said...

Hey Miu! That looks beautiful~~ I want to visit Seoul very very much. LOL @ the subway nap picture. Ahhh isn't here just so many good things to buy???? Haha.

CuttiBeBe said...

i wish i was in seoul eatting all that spicy korean food... yummm...

the FS e/s is about the same size as a MAC paint pot. i'll post up a picture once i get home, so you can see the size difference.

I think you'll use it up sooner than a paint pot, b/c it's in a jelly form, not a cream form. everytime you place your finger on top of the jelly and rub lightly, the jelly in the pot will shrink a little. i don't know how to explain it. but i think once you reach the bottom, it'll be hard to get the products, since you have to be so careful not to DIG your nail in it.

also, the FS dries pretty fast. if you don't apply the jelly evenly beofere it dries, it'll turn into little glue balls on your finger. but it's not hard to spread evenly in 1 second.

i'd say go for it if u want something that's shiny. just remember it doesn't have any color payoff.. just shine factor.

i have a question.. is skin food really popular there? how much is their mushroom BB cream? i've been dying to try one.

oh, about P&J, i don't think the eye gloss will be sold out when you get to HK. is that the eye shadow you mentioned? i can help you do a CP if you really want to try it. i've never shipped to asia, so i don't know how expensive it is. but just let me know if you want to try it ok?