Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Day At School

This week is going by so slowly!!! I should start planning my next week's lessons but I'm just too lazy. I feel like sleeping early today, 10:30 early!
Today, I only had 3 classes out of 4. One of them was moved to another period without any notification, not surprisingly. I didn't bother going to that class because I was actually told it was moved anyway. Also, 2/3 classes today were just games because they were ahead 1 lesson. In conclusion, I only taught for about 30 minutes in total. For that class that I taught today, 15 minutes were used to discipline the kids by my co-teacher. No hitting today, only forcing them to raise their hands above their heads for 5 minutes.
Seeing how I had so much time on my hands, I decided to take a few pictures of the school. I used my Sony Ericsson K790 since I didn't buy a digital camera yet. I almost forgot I brought my cell with me, so now I can do some more picture taking, EOTDs etc...
So without further ado, I bring you my school: Wonmuk Middle School.

My horribly messy desk. I assure you, it's not always like that. Notice how I have to put my name tag on my shelf, because sometimes the students like to come bother me and they all want to know where I sit. Besides, it helps them remember my name, I hope. 99% of the time, I'm just called "teacher". One of my co-teachers (the only one I talk to outside of school) sits next to me.

Here's a panoramic view of one of the teacher's offices. This is where I have my desk and where the VP is. You see the male teacher in the middle? All the little girls go crazy over him. I usually see girls crowding around his desk. Anyone remember the first Indiana Jones in the scene where he's teaching and all the girls are looking at him dreamily? Yah, picture that.

This is the teacher's lunch room. I eat pretty much the same thing as the students, maybe 2-3 more items. The main dish (the meat) is ALWAYS spicy and I hate it! I don't do spicy food.

During one of my classes today where I got them to play Boggle. I'm standing where the front is. We also have TVs in the class rooms so I make PPTs for my lessons.

The magnificent field...

And this would be my after school class. I only have 7 kids and I only need to teach 20 classes. After that, I get an extra $1000 for teaching it. Woot woot! It's just really hard to come up with lessons for this class since I don't have textbooks. I look quite horrible in the picture as I'm trying to squat down. It makes me look pregnant. I did a weee bit of photoshop on it because it was that bad hahahaha
I usually don't wear my contacts to school, so today when I did, my kids were like, "Teacher, you have 1cm layer of makeup on!!!" So cute.


fuzkittie said...

Wow cool! Glad to see your work environment in Korea~ LOL @ spicy food... That's so funny you're in Seoul and you hate spicy food, haha. Mmmm I love spicy food, I eat it everyday.

MiuMiu said...

lol all the teachers were commenting on why I'm so picky cuz I don't eat spicy food. it's like i'm some weirdo in their eyes.

blahsayblah said...

"I did a weee it of photoshop on it because it was that bad.." hehe, so cute! Aw cute class. wait I don't get it..what do they mean by "teacher u have 1cm layer of makeup on!!!" ? erm?