Monday, January 5, 2009

Are You Hungry?

Well then feast your eyes on this! Haha, I know so corny, but I had to use it.
Here are some scans from January's S Cawaii. DROOOOL to Ayumi! One day I think I shall try to attempt her big eye makeup look. She's so gorgeous, I would bow down to her any time!! TMI....=D

Ok. but before you scroll down, I had to show you this sad bowl of pho I had last week. This was a large size. Everything in Asia seems to be a lot smaller, especially with food portions, so I ordered the large for 9000won. It was already expensive to begin with, but I wanted pho SOO badly...and I got it. But it was probably the worst pho I've ever had @__@ The soup was bland, there were about 4 pieces of beef which were tough and there was no tendon!!!! So sad... how I miss real pho. The yellow pickled radishes were probably the best thing on the table.
Tim had some grilled chicken rice and I tell you, this meal is not a man sized portion.

scans by (I actually dl-ed these from another website, but this will be my secret =D)

Can you see the new Coffret D'or palette?

So I did my first winter class and I must say my students are either really dumb...or really stupid. I wrote on the board "no cellphones, MP3 players etc etc" and this girl just breaks her cellphone out as I walked by! Of course I take it. She looks at me with puppy dog eyes and says "dictionary". There's no excuse, nor will I allow my students to push me around anymore, so I tell her that she could have asked me or asked the co-teacher that was teaching with me. I do not think I'm bullying my students at all as they are the opposite of common sense and manners, so they deserve it XD

I will get to replying to the comments as soon as I have my dindin =D


miemiemie said...

nice scans! and the food looks great! i love eating different asian food..haha..i enjoyed food from bangkok the most..hongkong and chinese cuisine i didn't enjoy as much..but i love korean as well! haha i tried a few dishes when we had the 10hour tour of korea during my last trip to the US. anyway, you did the right thing with the girl's fone. you are not bullying my dear,they are in school and they SHOULD know the freakn rules.

anyway,about the peppermint drink you mentioned. we also have it here in my country! hmm..available only during december-january i believe..its peppermint..something haha,all i remember is that it has peppermint. when i order it i just say the featured peppermint drink,the barista automatically knows it anyway. hahaha..does it taste the same? the peppermint tastes more minty than the mint mocha in my opinion :)

acutelife said...

thanks for the scans, i love the rock nails lolz im going to try the designs..anyway abt your previous question (sorry i forgot to answer it), for 3d design it usually take me about 1hour (for simple design) up to 2 hours (for complicated ones). for nail art painting, unless it's a very complicated one, I usually finish in abt 40mins.

yeah, I think you just did what you have to do with that girl's phone. did you get pushed around by them at first?? well, no offense to anyone but I heard korean girls can be quite scary lolz...but that's probably a bit exaggerating :P
we have the nicessstt pho here in jakarta, it even surpass the best one in melbourne!! lolz i must admit the pho pic you posted has failed to entice my appetite XD

fuzkittie said...

Hehe you tell those students what to do! Actually P&J skincare is my next buy, when I run out of most of my La Mer! :] I already bought the moisturizing cream, and I just LOVE it so much. I can't believe how good it smells without any fragrance! Haha. *going to beauty habit to look right now* Haha.

blahsayblah said...

I know what u mean by the bruised eyes look when you use purples, haha, that's happened to me too. Just gotta keep trying till u get better though. Aw, that's too bad u get paid little...u should totally get paid more cause ur a teacher!!...hmmm i say ask for a fricken raise!!! hehe.

xppinkx said...


hey baby sorry im a tad late...but my NYE shout out still counts as are you doing??? so sad to hear your angry belly on the PHO...i know pho is soooooooooooo goood...the broth is what makes the dish!!! i make awesome pho!!! sorry to rub it in hahaha...well i hope you had a wonderful new year hun may all your dreams and ambitions come true this year...oh and your craving for PHO craved somehow


ning * star said...
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ning * star said...

nice food.It doesn't looks spicy,I think you would have enjoy it very much.But sad to hear that it doesn't taste as what we see.Hmm,is almost all Korean thin like size of paper??The portion is so little,and since it is winter how can your little stomach stand the hunger??
Their seaweed taste quite nice.My bf got bring some of korean tidbits to me ^ ^

Maybe next time after I start to work and earn money, we can meet at somewhere else.

I like the nails decoration very much,but sometimes when I try to dyi,I mess up >.<
Malaysia did sale Cawaii magazine too.but maybe because it is not printed in Malaysia,that's why it takes time for it to reach our bookstore.

I like ayumi...she is so adorable and talented ^ ^

Anonymous said...

awwwwwww i'm sorry about your pho. i just made some the other day. i don't really like pho in my area. it's very blah. i'd rather make it myself but i'm lazy sometimes! hehe

janniedoll77 said...

beautiful magazine pictures. i had fun looking through the ones with all the nails on it. i love the funky animal designs and the plaid ones are adorable. i haven't seen the plaid ones around here yet.

sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience with the pho you had, but seriously, the pictures want me to go out and get pho. especially in this cold weather.

about your students, i'm glad you're not letting them get the best of you. you did what you had to do and i commend you for that. take care. :)

M said...

ahhhhhh ayumi's hairrrr! i'm in love! i want it!

ok that bowl of pho is making me hungry and I JUST had dinner haha.

I didn't see bolt yet! It'll probably be a dvd movie for me :P I want to see marley and me first!

next time you should say, no cellphones, mp3 player otherwise i spank you with ruler :P

M said...

ahhhhhh ayumi's hairrrr! i'm in love! i want it!

ok that bowl of pho is making me hungry and I JUST had dinner haha.

I didn't see bolt yet! It'll probably be a dvd movie for me :P I want to see marley and me first!

next time you should say, no cellphones, mp3 player otherwise i spank you with ruler :P

M said...

oh btw, i know you didn't ilke the pho but your photography makes me want it lol

angie519 said...

I agree! You're teaching them to respect you. You aren't doing anything wrong!

The food LOOKS good. It's sad the portions are small. I need big portions! haha

Thanks for the scans. Ayumi makes me almost wanna get surgery! haha

Anonymous said...

Have you tried any other SANA esteny products? I know they have a waist gel thats targeted for the waist and lower body. And they have that hard massage gel to be used before showering, which I think was featured in nui ren wor zhui da

MiuMiu said...

Hi Anon,
The Detocrush is the only one I've tried, I doubt I will try any of the other Sana ones since I'm sure they're not that effective. I'm gonna try the Nivea slimming lotion, even tho I'm sure it won't make too much of a difference.
Besides, I like to eat too much XD Thanks for the tip tho!

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhh I bought this same magazine! But I haven't opened it yet. Ayumi looks so gorgeous on the cover, I love her hair!

I had pho in Vietnam and it was just like that one! Very bland compared to what we are used to over here. Sowwie. =(

supervillain said...
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supervillain said...

Aww. Bad food...small portions. Yikes. Sorry about that.

Hell yeah! You stick it to those slackers in class. If I was a teacher, I'd rule with an iron fist.

Btw, nice to meet you. I like your blog.I'm starting to form an interest in Asian products. Your blog is like gold. I have much catching up to do with you. =)