Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kraze Day

I can't think of a better title and it wasn't really that'll see why I named it that later..hehe.
This week I had Monday and Tuesday off for the Lunar New Year, but unfortunately, Wednesday to Friday I still have to be at school even though there are no classes. I get to leave at noon so it's a little bit more bearable.
On Wednesday I went to school as usual and I was the only one there. Just before I left for the day a package came, yay! I love getting packages, even if I ordered something for myself. Today's package was the swap I did with Mona, whoohoo! I finally have the MUFE Aqua Eyes in my hands! I can't wait to test it out. I also have the Sephora lasting e/l, Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera, some Lush items and candy. Mona was also nice enough to include a Shu eyeshadow, I loves it all and her! Thankq =)
Funny thing is, we both forgot to add something in the the packages, so I had to send a separate package to her and vice versa XD

On Wednesday after school, I went to get my new digi cam, the Panasonic Lumix FX38 because it was waaay cheaper than Hong Kong and the store was going to throw in some freebies. I was originally going to get the FX36 which cost about $350 at Costco, but the camera store had the FX38 for about $300, so how could I pass it up?
Anyway long story short, I didn't buy it myself, Tim bought it instead for my early birthday present. I had to argue with him a bit because I didn't want him to spend so much of his trip money on my present, but he ended up getting it anyway XD I also got a new strap for it.

I went to Myeong Dong, again, to eat lunch at a burger place called Kraze Burger. I showed a picture of the burger once, but these are taken with my new camera. It's got a fast food feel because you line up to order, however, they prepare everything to make it all nice and pretty for you to sit in their restaurant. Not too bad, but I still like Hero Burger more.
This is the view from my seat. We sat on the sofa chairs by the wall and we look at everyone else in the restaurant.

We both ordered the Matiz burger, but mine had no pickles and extra cheese. Just a regular burger with sauteed onions, bbq sauce and bacon. One thing I love about Kraze Burger are their buns, all buttery and toasted up, yum!

Chilli cheese fries! I love the pictures that my camera takes.

I had to stop at Krispy Kreme, even though I was stuffed from the burger. They had about 3 LE donuts for winter. We had the Apple Bear (similar to an apple fritter) and Snowman which had blueberry jelly. Taste wise...let's just say the Krispy Kreme original is still my favourite.


paperdollrevenge said...

Super cute pics! Your new camera looks awesome, especially the cute strap!

Mona is a sweetheart!

You must be so excited for your birthday and trip!

Hmm I will let you know in March if you're still interested in a swap, though maybe it won't be for a while (I've been spending too much this past week)!

Okay...your post made me hungry so I'm going to go eat now! I wonder if my Krispy Kreme has such cute doughnuts, hehe.

ning * star said...

ahhh...this is great. Your digi cam is cooool...wohooo,even mine is only 7.1 megapix and sometimes it tends to blur up the image,I don't know why ?

ermm,the burger is bit small (for me) haha =D
but the donuts make me mouth watering. Why har...all those cute donuts I can't find in Malaysia. hmm,perhaps one day I need to save up some money and go Korea to search these cutiess..

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

yummmmyyyyy looks good

i should send u a strap
speaking of which, we should do a swap sometime! cos u want stuff here and i want stuf there hahaa

btw i havent opened ur package, i will be good and wait till valentine's day!

cellophanegirl said...

You're boyfriend is so sweet to buy you a camera for your birthday and the the camera strap is just too cute for words!! :D

fuzkittie said...

Nice camera!! And the strap is nice too! :[ Not my package...

Kimberly Tia said...

omg how darling!!! LE Krispy Kremes... how to die for Miu!

and I love your camera strap, I so need to get cute new kawaii one for my two cameras, I think I'll check out strapya, and look for some =)

and that Mona, she's a doll of a dame isn't she?!? All these blogger swaps around the world is making my head spin! buttttt YOU'RE sooo next my dear!!!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

That was so sweet of your boyfriend to get you the camera. That strap is too cute! I WANT ONE!!! I also want to bite that burger and steal some of those fries....

eri said...

those krispy kremes and chili cheese fries! mmmmmmmmmm....looks so good!

how do you like your camera? i'm looking to buy a new one.

acutelife said...

omigosh now im hungry!! sis got the exact same camera as yours, minus the super cute strap :D it's a very good camera! Im thinkin to upgrade mine to that model as well ;P its so nice of tim to bought the cam for you :))) and thanks...iM trying to sleep more as a prep for THE day, i dont want to look all beaten n tired hahaha

Iyah said...

Yay for that cute camera! and Advanced happy birthday! :D I love getting packages too! :D Those things that you got looks so pretty :D

miemiemie said...

shoot! i just woke up and big mistake for checking out your made my tummy make funny noises.hahaha..advanced happy boitday as well,i love the camera and the strap :)

angie519 said...

AWWW the krispy kreme donuts look so much better out of the U.S !! The burgers look delicious! How on earth did you know I've had this major craving for one lately?!?!

Aww lovely swap! I wonder what you guys forgot to include o.O! That was sweet of Tim! The camera does take awesome pictures!!

Hahha.. I know. I'm such an extravagant snob.. It's baaad! Hahaha

Oh I hope you're able to visit Cali and Vegas one day! =)

angie519 said...

I like my shu cleansing oil thus far! It was $35 or something, and the larger size is $75? Try the smaller one first, it should last you a while! Or else, go online and find the recipe to make your own! I did, and my skin didn't like it though! =P

Hahhaha SMART GIRL!! Exactly what I do! I keep one color in my purse and the other at home!

ilovepink said...

aww the donuts looks sooo good!! i really wanna go visit korea again...its been about 5yrs now..hehe i love ur blog!

MiuMiu said...

thanks cellophanegirl =)

Iyah said...

Thanks for the lipbalm suggestions. I will surely check those out :)

supervillain said...

That's a cute camera strap.

Those are some cute donuts. I'm cravin some krispy kreme now.

Yeah, I was sad that I didn't really like Roscoe's. I think I'll give Roscoe's another go. Maybe at an earlier time.