Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's Your Order?

I'm so irritated!!!!! My photoshop is asking for a serial number or else I can't run it. I've been using it since August 2008 so why does this happen now @__@ It isn't real..but it shouldn't have this problem, and I don't have my cd here grrRRR!!!! Now I dunno when I'll be able to fix it so I can't mark or resize my pictures. So no pictures for today, only magazine scans (besides.. I haven't taken new ones yet XD)

Anyway on to my post...
I never thought makeup application could be so complicated. Mind you, I was never this crazy about makeup, my interested started about 2 years ago.
When I first started using contact lenses, I would use only mascara because I didn't like how my eyes were so small. Next it was eye shadow. I would just use a little bit and this was rare. Then eyeliner, blush and eventually the full on base makeup and point makeup.
If you think about it, applying all these items can be quite complicated! I do pretty much everything on my face except concealer (I don't think the Sana concealer really counts) and my eyebrows. So with that said, how do you do your face? What's the order of the things you apply? And how do you apply it?
It usually doesn't take me more than 15 mintues. I use a light hand for base makeup and most of my time is used on my eye makeup. Up close, you will notice that all my spots and such aren't fully covered. I don't want a dramatic difference when I'm using and not using makeup so on days when I don't feel like using a ton of makeup, I don't look sickly or something XD

So here's my order!
1. Makeup primer or sun screen
2. UDPP, Sana Concealer and curl the lashes
3. Light application of BB Cream or Foundation (at the moment I'm using a sample of Cle De Peau and sample of P&J Dual Protective Foundation)
4. Lavshuca Loose Powder
5. Eyeshadows
6. Eyeliner
7. Mascara (if I'm using 2 different mascaras, I use the first one, apply blush so the mascara has a chance to dry, then finish off with the second mascara)
8. Blush
9. Lipstick/lipgloss

What's your order of application? Do you find it easier to do your eyes first or the base makeup?
I never use brushes for my eyeshdaow, I find that it gets everywhere. I just use the applicators that are in the palettes, most of them are shaped for the specific application. I only use a brush for my blush and my fingers for base makeup.

I couldn't find these magazines in full, so here's what I have. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the makeup tutorials.

February Can Cam (hudie.com)

February Vivi (hudie.com)

I've finished making my list of "to buy". Hopefully it isn't going to get any longer as I've added everything up to about $2500 like I mentioned in a previous post. Here's some of the items on my list that I'm drooling over.
P&J - skincare, cosmetics and 90% of the Spring 09 collection
Coffret D'or - eyeshadows and blushes
Lunasol - eyeliner and eyeshadows
Various things from Majolica Majorca, Lavshuca, Visee, Ettusais and Canmake
Fancl - skincare products
Orbis - Aqua Force Series
L'occitane - Red Rice skincare
Why must January be such a slow month.... -___-'
I almost forgot to mention, I recently discovered a site called Glow.com. I'm sure there's some of you that's heard of it. They sell some great goodies, including most of the things from P&J, which is great news for me when I go back to Canada.


ning * star said...

yay yay,I'm 1st to comment again.yeehaa~~

uh,photoshop??I think you can download another free photoshop because my brother do so,and so far no problem occur.

wow,your HK trip together with huge haul?uh uh can't wait.haha. When January almost reach it ends,Chinese New Year is coming.Do you celebrate CNY??

I'm still a baby for makeup stuff,I don't really know how to makeup and sometimes I mess up everything then end up I wash them off.Make it nude better,haha xD
I'm still learning how to make up perfectly,at least make it presentable,else it will look freakin' scary.hahaha =D

I hope your photoshop get fix soon,I like to see pictures in your blog,the foood and cute cute items....Lovin' it

cheers~* hugs!

Anonymous said...

HAHA, hi hun I just stumbled upon here, and I gotta say how much I agree with you about makeup application..it can be so complicated, its so funny that I was thinking the same thing every morning before work..in which order I should do them, sometimes I forget to apply this and that..I just started getting crazy addicted to makeup like 2yrs ago too, now its maddd addiction..before life was simple I just dab blush and lipstick and I am good to go..now ughh..but like i said its fun but time consuming. *phew* :(

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i have been wearing makeup for over ten years now so i think i do it on autopilot in the morning haha

its moisture liposome
then kose day essence with spf
eyebrow pencil
loose powder

wow sounds like a lot hahaha

=- Junista -= said...

My interview went ok. I stumbled words sometime in the video. It's like I couldn't express what I tried to say -_-" I didnt put lot of make up but using a good lighting when recording ehehe It really helped!

Anyway, I dont use concealer either. I feel like it's too heavy for my face. Maybe I haven't found a right one yet.

Oh...Did you crack the program when installed it? Im using CS2 (illegal CD Oop!) Maybe you can use my serial no. Let me know.

Kimberly Tia said...

you're so cute ha ha ha!
hmmm order of makeup...
bb cream or foundation
line the eyes
finishing powder
then lips


and thanks for the mag sneak peeks, I loooooooove seeing them!!
must not buy...
must not buy...

and I love the o'ccitane line, have u smelled the lavender lotion/body line it's my favorite!

cellophanegirl said...

here's how i do my face after my morning skincare routine~:

1. bb cream (sometimes i use a primer first, i should invest in a separate spf lotion)
2. concealer
3. powder
4. eyebrow powder
5. prime eyes, tightline w/ mufe eyeliner
6. eyeshadow palette (this i usually skip unless i'm going somewhere at night)
7. curl lashes and apply mascara
8. cream blush on the apples of my cheeks
9. lipstick or gloss

this usually takes me around 15-20 mins cause i like to take my time in the morning & while listening to music haha

oh man, i have a VERY long wishlist for spring. my friend is going to Taiwan in March so i'll be asking her to buy me a lot of japanese cosmetics!!! i'm still working on my wishlist, i'll let you know when it is done cause a lot of the stuff is not out yet until jan/feb :D

acutelife said...

hi miu, sorry no more pics of foods lolz...I havent been able to update my blog, so busy with wedding prep and yes I've hired a wedding organizer but I cant just leave everything to him lolz...I must know what's going on :P nyway...my make up routine is way shorter than everyone else I think, I dont use full make up unless I feel like it or I go out to an event.
so when i dont put any make up, here's what i do:
1. moisturizer with spf
2. eye cream
3. compact powder foundation
4. blush (sometimes I dont use it)
5. lipgloss/lipstick

when I do full make up, the list goes abit longer:
6. eyeshadow
7. eyeliner
8. mascara

im one step shorter than you lolz..oh ure goin to HK, how exciting!!

fuzkittie said...

Hehe! You can see my order in my makeup routine vid, but I'll list it here too..

lip balm
lash curler
eyelid primer
eye color
heat lash curler
lip color

I'm sending you something.. DHL reaches Korea right?

blahsayblah said...

Ok here is my order..
1. sunscreen (clinique spf 40)
2. bb cream

that's all i usually do.
But sometimes i might do other stuff so then my order is this:

1. same as above
2. same as above
3. eyeshadow
4. liner
5. mascara
6. blush
7. lipgloss/lipstick


paperdollrevenge said...

My order's pretty much base to point makeup, eyes-cheeks-lips...but I don't always wear the same items all the time so I won't list everything here. =P

Ohhh could you be a Skin Food ninja and take pics of the Skin Food store/counter? Pretty please? hehehe I bet it would make all us gals drool! I was also wondering if you know what the price of the Skin Food BB creams and banana yogurt masks are there? I couldn't find a Skin Food website so I couldn't tell if the prices on ebay are fair or not.

And thank you for more magazine scans!! Ohhh now I want that ViVi...I'm waiting for my contest to be over so I can have an excuse to go shopping for Japanese magazines! =P

MiuMiu said...

Hey Cellophanegirl,
Do you find it annoying to url your lashes after shadow application? i don't think 20 mins is too long..i'm sure some people take longer XD
lol i have a huge list too. i hope you don't go broke from the mountain of makeup you're gonna get =D

miemiemie said...

hmmm..here's my routine..
-bb cream with spf
-concealer on undereye areas
-toofaced shadow insurance primer on entire lid
-use a powder puff to apply pressed powder on my eyes,i find this technique works well to help my eyeliner stay long..it somehow makes the eyeliner more vibrant or intense in color
-then i apply a different concealer on the area around my nose, chin and the sides of my lips, i prefer using a lighter shade than the one i use on my undereye
-i apply gel eyeliner on my upper lashline, i tend to line my eyes rather thick because if i draw a thin line, it barely shows :(
-while waiting for the gel liner to completely dry, i fill in my brows
-apply blush and bronzer
-curl my lashes. i have to let the gel liner dry a bit because sometimes a lot of the eyeliner tend to stick to my curler
-apply mascara
-tinted lipbalm/lipgloss

that's everything.haha i never imagined myself doing everything i just listed. i used to be a fuss-free girl. i only wore lipbalm and powder then..but when i started adding more stuff into my routine, it does make a difference in the end. a lot of difference. like if i line my eyes,they look more awake..and if i add some mascara with that, my eyes look prettier.then if i don't have any blush,i look dead pale...or if i don't apply concealer at all, i look red in a lot of areas and like i haven't slept for weeks..it may seem that i put a lot,but you can see in my pictures that its not that obvious or scary looking at all..(not the fotd posts with vibrant colored makeup ok)

oh and i use my fingers to apply my bb cream..i use brushes for eyeshadows, the sponge applicators i dont use because i want to keep them clean and new all the time :) for blush and bronzer i use a stippling brush..

about your trips..woah girl,you have a lot of places that you want to visit,all i want to visit now is japan. shenzen i didn't really like that much, weather was hot and people were rude..and yes you often get ripped off there.like you think you found a great buy,then you realize in the end you can buy it at a way lower price. it helps if you know how to speak their language, sometimes i hear mandarin i think or cantonese. something like that, haha..

you are lucky to be able to visit all the places you want.esp in HK for that long..how i wish i had a job already so that i can have money to spend for a ticket!

cellophanegirl said...

yes i do, cause it messes up my eye shadow application sometimes! :x i gotta remember to curl the lashes before the e/s shadow step. thanks for pointing it out! :)

Kimberly Tia said...

ooo what's these lil linkies, to the new bible you say!??!

I was trying to download but was having problems...grrr
I'll have to figure it out somehow, it's like having a fun toy with no batteries! ahhahaha

Darn YOU!

fuzkittie said...

Hey Miu~

Ii haven't noticed more hair growth after using the fine razor. I think the key is to use a really fine small razor.

=- Junista -= said...

Ok. Try this serial number. It's CS2 version though. 1045-1042-1053-5499-5707-8118

I ask around if any of my friends use CS3 :)

blahsayblah said...

Hi Miumiu,

Hmm, yes...it is strange how prices of bb creams are so radically different from each other..I'm sure there isn't much different in quality between them..but maybe I'm wrong. Oh yes, my order...I forgot one thing though...before I put on my eyeshadow I put on a primer, like udpp. hehe. Yeah, I think we do have similar orders, hehe. (:

fuzkittie said...

I always use a cream after serum, it's simply not hydrating enough to just use a serum imo...

Yea, Sofina's wrinkle essence is a GREAT starter anti-aging serum because it's light. So for people in their 20s I think this is great.

I think exfoliating everyday is way too much... I exfoliate once a week. I was wondering if you use a cleansing oil to remove facial makeup? Because improper cleansing of makeup could cause the pores to be clogged more easily. I don't think just using a regular cleanser is enough if you use makeup, including BB creams.

Anonymous said...

Base makeup first! Because if you do point makeup first then the base will rub into the liner/mascara/lipstick when you apply it to your face. So ALWAYS base to point, but that maybe just me.
Hope that helps, it's just common sense here : )

paperdollrevenge said...

Ah I have gotten mascara dots on my eyelids/eye shadow before, haha, pretty lame but I try to apply much more carefully now! I also have a Japanese mascara guard but it's kind of cumbersome to use.

The reason I do eye shadow and then mascara is because I used to get eye shadow on my lashes...but then I guess that's no longer a problem now that I use better quality eye shadows and eye shadow base/primer. =P

When I got a MAC makeover years ago, I told the MUA I have dry skin so she actually did my point makeup first and foundation + powder last (well maybe blush very last, I don't remember)...so it's really just a matter of personal preference, I think (with the exception of primer being before what you're priming for). =)

angie519 said...

I just ordered a P&J cream from glow.com. I wanted to order more, but I'm gonna see how my face reacts to P&J first! I'm excited!

I always finish my face first then work on my eyes. My last step is lip, just like you! =)

I LOVE pralines and cream from baskin robbins! Aww that's nice of Mona! The soaps look edible! =P