Sunday, January 4, 2009

Writer's Block

Omg..I'm feeling it right now. Lately, I haven't been posting as often because I haven't went shopping for new things and I'm a bit stumped on what to blog about. I try not to add too much personal stuff/rants because I'm sure many readers wouldn't like to read it. XD
I'm a bit worried I'll be lagging with the posts when I go home since I don't have such an easy access to Asian skincare/makeup items.
I have one little item that I want to show you before I continue babbling nonsense.
About a month ago I was on the hunt for an eyecream. I didn't want to splurge on anything yet so I went to Skinfood to see what they had.
I can't remember all the formulas that were available so you'd have to check it out on the Skinfood website.
I noticed I've had itty bitty wrinkles under my eyes for a while now so I got the Black Raspberry Eye Cream for wrinkles. I'm not too sure what the Korean blurb on the jar says because it didn't come with an English translation.
This cream comes in a heavy glass jar with 25g of product and I purchased this for about 15000won. Not too shabby for an eyecream.

I don't think it's really anything that special. The BR eyecream has a strange scent to it. It's not fruity or floraly. It's almost like what the plants outside smell like after a heavy rainstorm.
The cream has a light pink color to it and it's kinda thick. It takes a while for my eye area to fully absorb the cream. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass because I usually wash my face and hair and then put on my contacts. If the cream hasn't fully absorbed, it makes it very difficult to open my eyes up with my fingers to pop in the contact lens.
With this wrinkle cream, I don't really see much of a difference. I've been using it for at least a month and still nothing. I'm not too sure how long it's supposed to take to show some sort of results though. But I'm fine with using this cream for now since I need to moisturize the eye area until I find something else later.

If there's something I love about Korea, other than the makeup, it's the cafes! They're so popular here that on a street near me (that's right next to a university) there's at least 5 cafes lined up. Dunkin Donuts is one of them and the drinks aren't cheap. They don't taste that good either. Another one is called Angel In Us Coffee (haha....angel anus coffee). It's one of my favourites, but the drinks are so expensive. About 4000won for a Starbucks tall size @__@ The cafe near has an angel theme to it so the lights have feathers on them, the couches and pillows have the angel logos on them.
If you decide to sit in to drink your coffee, depending on the barista's skill level, they make you a pretty yummy and beautiful drink.
I can't rememeber the exact name of the drink on the left, it's something caramel crunch and my drink on the right is called a Pink Angela Macchiato. It just tastes Actually the bottom has a bit of condensed milk so there's a bit of that yummy flavour in it.

There's also a blue and yellow macchiato. When I went to try those, they totally screwed up the beautiful layers, you wouldn't even know it was yellow or blue. The blue one was mocha flavoured and I think the yellow one was caramel.
I apologize if this post kinda sucked XD I'll try to bring in some more posts this week. it me or is Blogger slow at showing updated posts? I've noticed that some people may have updated, yet it doesn't show on my blogroll or followers that it updated until a few days later.
There's only 1 more month till I'm in Hong Kong and I feel a crazed itch up my ass when I think of the things I want to purchase. Best of all, I'll be in HK during my birthday! WhoooWhheeee!! Itamae Sushi here I come!!!!!!! Plus in March there's a chance I'll get to meet Miss Yumeko in person =D


ning * star said...

oh..I thought want to buy the eye cream for my mom xD because I can't afford to buy shiseido eye cream for her,future when I can earn money then I will buy tons for her..haha

I like yum yum
It is such a wonderful thing to have a chance to meet bloggies in person.I do hope to meet u one day too.Maybe in Toronto xD

muackss~~~ have a nice day~*

blahsayblah said...

mmm..those drinks look yummy!!! much would 4000won be in USD?? Prices in Korea are high because they are experiencing inflation.

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

what are u talking about? this post is fineeee. i love seeing food and things of people's daily life , doesnt have to be makeup heehee

that drink looks cool!

yeah i gotta start booking for march except i havent finished booking for feb XD is it going to be cold in march?

if u come here in august, will bring u around of cos!!!

btw wats the first thing u bought tat ayumi advertised?

miemiemie said...

woooh! i hope you enjoy HK,well..I'm pretty sure you will :) and that pink macchiato looks yummy! how did they do the layers..i'm a bit puzzled, how'd they do that!? do they show you! hahaha we also have lots of coffee shops here in the philippines that try to compete with starbucks. I absolutely love drinking coffee, my fave drink would have to be starbuck's mint mocha. haha duh, boring i know. but anything with mint syrup in it will make me happy :) aha i shared too much info, really unnecessary. about blogging about the things you can find in the area where you live? talk about the malls or something? haha and if its about your personal life, i wouldn't mind reading about it really..too much of beauty related writing can be boring too..i find real issues more interesting..:)

=- Junista -= said...

Dont worry about things to write. I dont mind reading your personal life as long as you dont mind to share to the world ieie But of course pictures can be more appearing :-) Maybe you can write more about Korean street fashion.

Btw, i think you will enjoy Hong Kong esp Sasa.


paperdollrevenge said...

"I've noticed that some people may have updated, yet it doesn't show on my blogroll or followers that it updated until a few days later." Yup, I've noticed that too recently!

I've been wondering too if I'll run out of blogging steam...but we'll see. Like Yume-chan said, it doesn't always have to be about makeup, we like daily life and other things too (that don't have to be too personal to post). =)

You know you're going to have to haul like crazy before you come home though, right? hehehe

One more month until Hong Kong, how exciting for you! Now that trip will give you tons to blog about, I'm sure! =)

the Muse said...

I've wanted to try the skin food royal jelly eye cream for a while :)

I like the sound of the scent in this..heavy rainstorm ;)

when you get a chance can you email me hun?

Got a favor to ask!

dendy said...

lol I remember watching the Korean drama Coffee Prince and wanting to go to a cafe with a barista to make those fancy drinks. Very hard to find Toronto or anywhere in Canada. The barista thing isn't as popular or widespread in Canada it seems. Too bad. =S

Ack, it seems I might end up as a English teacher if I spend the summer in Korea. Not much experience in anything else. >.< Darn.

angie519 said...

Aww sorry the Sesame mask didn't work out. But the Cheek Pearls look great on you! I noticed the flush of color!

Mmmhmm those coffee drinks look yummy! I wanna try the Angela drink cause it has my name in it haha.

I'm noticing some laugh lines right on my lower lashes.. >.< La Prairie's anti-aging eye cream topped with this awesome Wild Rose Eye Cream (by Wild Carrot Herbals) is helping. Wild Carrot Herbals is made by a lady in Oregon so I don't know if it's widely available. But I love using it on top of other eye creams cause it is super moisturizing and makes my eye area quite radiant.

fuzkittie said...

If you only have fine lines, a good eye cream should show results almost immediately, after one week at the most. I guess this one just isn't cutting it. The Laneige eye cream I'm trying now isn't all that either! I'm not sure I'll find anything better than La Mer? Hahaha.

Mmmm yummy coffee. Everything is so much better in ASia...

M said...

eye creams are so hard since most of them are pretty damn expensive. :T I haven't found one that i like enough just yet.

mmmhhh coffee... i'm not allowed lately but always crave it :P

so i think i'm sending your package out on tuesday this tuesday. how long does it usually take for stuff from NA to get to korea?

MiuMiu said...

Hi Dendy,
hah that's what's so blah about canada and that makes me want to get my own espresso/milk steamer machine to make my own creations =D
Well if you're interested in applying for an English teacher, I believe the company that hired me in Toronto does recruiting for September and March.