Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mix Of Stuff

I was playing Tomb Raider Anniversary (for the 10th time already) at school, because I had nothing else better to do while I wait for class, and along came a package! I thought my friends had sent me something but it turns out it wasn't them. It was a package from Steph! (aka Cuttibebe) I totally didn't expect her to send me something back and I was really surprised! Thank you Steph!!! You're so sweet!!!! That totally made my day!! And look at all them samples!! I thought I was gonna scream in my office =D Oh man..I really hope it doesn't cause me to buy more than I need next month XD Thank you again!!

I remember telling you a while ago that I would talk a bit about the Skinfood Carrot Collagen Eyemask. Each pack is a one time use and it cost 1500won. The masks are supposed to help "increase collagen structure within the skin" so I'm assuming to help fight off wrinkles and such.
I've been using these for at least a month, 1-2 times a week and I haven't really noticed a difference. I'm not too sure if there is supposed to be a dramatic change or not.

These masks come in a plastic and foil package inside of this package. The masks feel very jelly like and I don't notice any smells. You're supposed to leave this on for 30-45 minutes and the package does not specify whether you rub it in or not.
I use this after using my eyecream. Am I supposed to use the mask first then the eyecream??
Well anyway after peeling this off, it leaves my eye area nice and cool, but that's probably due to the weather XD The essence takes a while to absorb and while it's being absorbed, it feels slightly sticky.

The eye masks are quite huge. I can't have it all the way under my eyes because when I try to look down, it's almost impossible. For 1500won, it's not such a big dent in my wallet. It's good to start somewhere with taking care of your eyes right?

Did you know I absolutely ADORE Disney World? It is THE happiest place in the world. I've only been there 2 times, but I can't wait for another chance to go. The last time I went was in September 2007 with Tim. Disney was having a promo where we get the meal plan for free for the days that we're there, and that alone is worth a lot. We stayed in the resort for 8 days and ate like there was no tomorrow, I thought I was gonna explode.
We also went to both of the water parks. Sadly, one of them had to close halfway through our day due to an incoming storm. However the one we spent the whole day was Typhoon Lagoon. O-M-G that water park was mind blowing!!!!!!! Aside from the fact that you could do a quick snorkelling with some sharks and fishies, there was a wave pool that had some huge waves! The highest point being 6 foot above the water, and that wave is hella fast!
To save Tim from being embarassed, I covered him with a picture XD The Disney dude took these wave pool pictures of us with his mega DSLR and he was soaked head to toe..can you hear me screaming?
And yes, I had to wear the one piece haha, there was no way that a bikini would stay where it was with those waves and water slides.

I called that pumpkin a "mumpkin" haha...=D (you know...Mickey + Pumpkin) The food I have here are from Wolfgang Puck Cafe and Columbian something lunch place. The meal plan we had included lunch, 2 snacks and dinner. The dinner included an appetizer, main course, dessert and drink. How could I not get chubby?! lol The best part of the meal plan were the tips was included, so I just walked out after they swiped our meal plan card.

January Vivi ( I have the February scans as well, but I only managed to find half of the scans, will try to find the other ones the show you all.

Lena Fuji is so pretty! I think I should find her recently released model book and oogle her. I wish I had hair like her and Chikako.

I saw on Rouge Deluxe's page that Maquillage has redone their logo. The site features some pretty good tutorials for the new shadows and the blusher. I likie!


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

wow tat theme park photo is great
u guys look so happy

and nothing wrong with wearing 1 piece XD i do!!

ning * star said...

uh..I want to try out the eye mask,but not sure whether it works on me or not.
I have dark circle now days,so pity.It is all because of being a late sleeper. Aha~~

I like Lena too,she is pretty yet sexy.haha ^ ^ sigh,I think Malaysia bookstore had stop selling ViVi magazine.I don't know why >.<

miemiemie said...

oh how i wish i could do that..hmmm..i'm not really sure, i really can't decide on matters like that myself. like sometimes i won't even know that we're leaving until a few days before the departure date.sometimes my parents plan our trips without telling us at this december, i was supposed to stay on the 26th because it was my bf's bday but we had to go out of town just because they wanted to relax somewhere cooler..which caused a major fight between me and the bf..

Tine said...

When I was in Japan, even though I couldn't understand a word of Japanese, I used to buy fashion mags just 'cos Lena's in it. I had a huge girl crush on her :p

Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhhhhh nooooo cuuute new Feb Japanese mags with VERY HOT GIRLS... *dies*

I'm so envious!!!

and yes, yes I can't wait to try all my skinfood samples, it's like xmas for my face everday. PUWAHAHHAH

those eye patches look FUN!!!!

Kimberly Tia said...


you want to see me FREEZE in Toronto... ahahha omg.

in fact my friend had called me, the other night and they had mentioned on the news about bringing in swat for snow removal... aiyah -- I'm gonna be a human california popsical.just watch.... LOL

acutelife said...

hahaha...Im not durian's biggest fan but I eat it every now n then.I know it smells really strong but it tastes good :P the serabi was made from coconut milk mixed with flour. this one tastes reallyyy yummy i wish i can ship it out for you! have you actually tried a brand called beauty credit?i read some reviews that they are actually not bad and not expensive

spankedelic said...

ooooooooh that food is making me hungry! hooray for packages. i'm excited cause i should be receiving 3 this week =) yay! i love gifts and surprises from people.

yumeko said...

i looove ayumi!

i have been to disneyland in tokyo but not disney sea yet..i keep putting it off

disneyworld is WAYYYYYYY bigger than disneyland in tokyo

disneyland in tokyo is tiny but sells a lot cuter thingsheeeee

M said...

BABEEEEEEE thank you soooo much it got here already! so fast!!

If i had the money i'd go get plastic surgery and have them turn me into ayumi :P

disney world is fabulous! you guys look soooo adorable together!

I've tried a few heated lash curler, none of which worked as well we the shu uemura lash curler :)

angie519 said...

Wow that looks like fun! I love big waves! =)

Most sheets you're suppose to put on first, after you tone. Some you wash off, but most you keep on. Usually you shouldn't need to apply moisturizers or cream on after wards, but you can if you want.

I like the new Maquillage logo!

Hahah very true! So good luck in applying! =)

Aww I don't know what I would do if I couldn't watch my TV shows!

I do too! Yumeko deserves lots of hugs from us! hhaha

Really?!!! Everyone in the blogging world is too kind, yourself included! Geez, well tell me what you want from the US!! =)

M said...

I forgot to say, i think the diorshow goes for about $27? its actually not that small. It works well with the base, I have extremely oily lids

miemiemie said...

oh i've never tried booking a flight like that..coz last year my mom and sister flew to the US with e-tickets..and guess what, they got theirs an hour before their flight. the stupid agency gave them the printed one from the email but the guys at the airport didn't think it was valid. they had to wait for the airline people verify it and print another one out. isn't that plain stupid? haha..

oh by the way, what brands of bb cream have you tried? were you able to find one that's more yellow toned? the brtc is starting to annoy me..the face shop one is too pink on me sometimes..i want one that's yellow there even something like that?

spankedelic said...

i can't get over yout skinfood masks. they looks good enough to eat once you mix them up! lol. i'm weird, i know. and the food pics still make me hungry! ahhhh. have a great weekend, hun.

Iyah said...

Yay for skinfoods! Eventhough I have not tried them myself, I heard great reviews about them. I wish to try it someday! :D I want the Vivi magazine and will probably buy them sometime this week :) I have not joined pink's contest yet for I am terribly sick in bed. :(

janniedoll77 said...

i love waterparks. your waterpark/disney world adventure looked like a lot of fun. the food pics made me hungry again. the mumpkin pie sounds yummy. speaking of food, the skinfood live powder mask in cacao and honey kinda reminds me of a tub of ben & jerry's, another craving.

i'm curious to try skinfoods products. hopefully someday i will. enjoy your weekend. :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Lena Fuji is really stunning! I love her bangs but I wonder if the same haircut would look as good on really need lots of shiny hair for that.

Iyah said...

ISn't february 07 is the pre-sale of MAC? I hope I have money by then. I just used my Hello Kitty funds to pay my tuition fee and my books. It was darn expensive but I have no choice. :( Thanks for the thoughtful message girl! :D

M said...

oh they're not bigger in size, just more color i guess :P

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhh another magazine scan, ahhh I've been trying to hide from the temptation of buying magazines! =)

And how sweet of Cuttibebe to send you a package, and ohh I see Darkness falsies, my favorite!

Hope you're having a good weekend!