Friday, January 16, 2009

Primer Galore

O-M-G....the other night I heard my annoying neighbour having sex! I actually didn't hear him, it was just the girl haha. They came back, talked a bit. I don't know if they were trying to keep their voices down cuz I could still hear some low grumbling sounds.
I woke up from my slumber around 11:45pm and I was pissed off of course. Tim was still using his computer at this time and I tried to go back to sleep. A few minutes later I start to hear some soft moaning sounds @__@ So I sat up to watch Tim's movie he made with his students which was about 7 minutes long.
Tim hasn't slept well since coming to Korea and he said he can hear the guy next door having sex sometimes and it doesn't last long.
Well I'll be only lasted 5 minutes!! HAHA. They were at it when I started to watch the movie and they were done before I finished watching it!
I've complained to that stupid guy before but to no avail. He talks very loudly at night on the phone in Korean and English and I've even heard him yelling at a girl once. He's so loud and the walls are so thin that I can hear what swear word he says... -___-

On to the primers....
This isn't really a review since I haven't used all my primers yet. I didn't realize how many primers I had so I've cracked open my sample packs to show you what they look like.
I've used the Baby Pink Jelly Base and I'm currently using the Lunasol Creamy Makeup Base. I looove the Lunasol base! It has a pink tone and it's so creamy and spreads like a dream. I might not get the full tube though. I have my eye on the P&J primer or the Lavshuca primer because they have sun protection. After using the Lunasol base, I notice my face is brighter but it does not neutralize much of the reddness in my face. I don't feel any sticky residues and I don't feel that my face gets any oilier because of the base.

Here's the Baby Pink Jelly base (18g). I got it in Hong Kong last year and I can't remember how much it was.
This isn't my favourite base. There's no sun protection and there's no scent. It's creamy but I don't really like how it's not smooth enough. I think I've been spoiled by the Lunasol base. The BP base says jelly, but it's more of a cream base with a yellow tone to it. I don't really notice anything after using it. I thought my face would be a bit more brighter but it's just like putting on lotion. I don't really have much to say about it since I don't really reach for this anymore. But now you know what it looks like! XD

Tim was also teaching English classes to his middle school students during his winter break. He got this little note from one of his students and also a keychain. sweet. Can you read the English? There's a lot of errors, but you get the idea.

The cutest thing was, this letter and gift was from his male student...let's all say AWWWWW.... He left his e-mail and cell number too XD


Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

If you're looking to neutralize the redness in your face you might want to try a primer w/ a green tone to it as that helps neutralize red.

Yeah sometimes I can hear my neighbours having sex too..ugghh lol!

Btw side note: I checked my pack of those armpit shields...5 pairs were $9.99 at Shoppers..not sure how that compares to the price over there.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

lol that is really feminine stationery coming from a male student :P

btw I saw your comment on Yumeko's blog about missing out on the Lunasol Xmas set...if you still want it, still has a couple :) They sell it for USD$74.99.

blahsayblah said...

Awwwwwww, hehe.

mascara whore said...

oh that's dirturbing hearing them have sex.. xD

Mocha said...

Awww, what a cute letter.
Just bang on the wall next time, or make fake moans yourself, but like, really fake sounding - it'd be the worst buzzkill for them.

Eva T. said...

Thanks for the input! Yeah the Etudeproducts do seem kind of cheap, I guess I'll pass.

My sleep is getting disturbed too. I'm a freshmen in college, and the room above mine have been having some crazy, loud bed squeaking that goes on for 5-10 minutes at a time, with some grunting. And then silence. o.0

"...therefore chan teacher often send email to me please" AWWW.

Iyah said...

Haha! It only lasted 5 minutes! That's funny! and wow you got lots of primers! I never seen a blue primer before :)

and awwww at the letter :D how cute :D

janniedoll77 said...

out of all the primer swatches on your arm, i like the luminosity of P&J Protective Foundation Primer UV. it brings out a gorgeous glow. :)

i feel bad you have to hear the sound of neighbors having noisy sex like it's everybody's business. they probably must've forgotten they're not in a motel with thick-ass walls.

that's sweet of one of the students to write tim a letter. the letter was cute too. :)

jewels said...

lol that letter was so cute and adorable. how young are your students?

angie519 said...

Aw what a sweet note! It's always nice to feel appreciated! Tim seems like a nice teacher! =)

I have that Baby Pink base. I never use it haha.

P&J protective foundation primer? I have the moisturizing one. I think I should try to find the protective one!

I've been good! You?!

Aww, I have no idea what I would do if I didn't have a Nordstrom around me!! That's one reason why I'm glad I ended up going to college in Seattle, where there are 4 Nordstroms within 15 minutes of me ;)

I e-mailed you my address! THANKS!!!!! =)

fuzkittie said...

I love the P&J primer! Hehe.

paperdollrevenge said...

The letter is so sweet! Gotta love the rough translation...I dunno why but I like it, hehe, I see that kind of English on Asian goodies like cards and stationary all the it!

lol at what Mocha said...I dislike hearing other people have sex too...but how sad, it didn't last too long for them! needn't work hard to tempt me, trust me I'm so tempted already! I think you should show Skin Food your blog to convince them to give you free Skin Food goodies for life! =P

=- Junista -= said...

Thanks god it lasted only five minutes! hahaha

The cute note from that boy reminded me about what I send to my senior student when I was in highschool :-P It's so normal writing a note to our secret crush in my school.

ning * star said...

wow lots of primer..but don't have any either >.<

I'm not that type that will use makeup all the time/daily

hehe...lazy and wanna stay on bed longer =P

M said...

well a least you know he's not capable of being longer than5 mins lol.

have you tried any of the mufe or smashbox primers?

acutelife said...

I've HAD that exp before (hearing ur neighbour having sex) and I was like 0.o" hahaha... and AAWWWW..the letter is super cute :D when exactly are u leaving korea again??

miemiemie said...

oh my..i haven't heard of people doing the real life. hahaha..that must be funny and awkward and annoying.hahaha..

ooh and what a sweet student :)

MiuMiu said...

Hey Eva T
I just bought ear plugs today haha I don't want to risk my sleep again!
Freshmen hmm? I remember when I was too...that passed by soooooo quickly! XD

supervillain said...

Haha. I hear my neighbor boning all the time, well actually I hear her man and not her, which is disturbing. Maybe he just cries when he masturbates. Whenever I hear him moaning I just bang really hard on the wall until they stop. haha. I can't wait for them to move, so I'm not nice about their bs anymore. =P I want to rent out both sides.
That note is so cute. =)
Oh and I think I'll do a general post about simple self portraiture for you soon.