Saturday, January 24, 2009

Orbis Base Makeup

Yay! Officially 2 more weeks till I go to Hong Kong, and 2.5 weeks till my birthday @__@ I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the Agnes B cafe or do High Tea at Hagen Daaz XD Dinner will be with Tim's family and relatives because his aunt is celebrating her Lunar birthday the same day as my birthday. HMmm...I wonder what we're gonna eat.
A little rant: I saw the new Maquillage collection and it's GORGEOUS!!! The only catch, they will cost me an arm and leg!!
The cases for the blushes are sold separately (typical) but what disappointed me was how the shadow cases were sold separately as well! So in total for the blushers and the shadows, it will cost 62 000won each @__@ *sigh* Oh well, the blushers seem too complicated anyway. I think I'll just get the Design Cheek Colors instead, but I'll definitely get one of the shadow palettes.
The won also went down a bit compared to the HKD....arrghh!!!

I've started using my Orbis base products and Aqua Force skincare for at least a week already and so far so good with a few exceptions. I'll put a break down of each product after I show you my base makeup FOTD.
I'll start off with what I used today in terms of base makeup.

Liquid Foundation #03
Eye Zone Bright Veil
Smooth Mat Base
Color and Nuance Base in Mint Green
Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer
Sana Concealer
Lavshuca Loose Powder in Lucent

I actually don't think the Orbis foundation is my best match, nor will they have a color that suits me. There's only 5 shades available. If I had chosen #02, I would have looked too pale, so as a result of this, when I use #03, I apply it very lightly just to make sure I don't look to dark.
The foundation is working quite well for me. It is formulated for all skin types and it gives you a matte finish. Some might not like it because the foundation doesn't give you a dewy finish.
I think this foundation is great at oil control. My face remains matte all day for at least 8 hours. The only areas that tend to get oily is my nose, but that's very typical for me during the day. When I blot my face with oil paper, some of the foundation comes off but enough to notice that I needed a touch up. I just hope this foundation will hold up in the summer months. The good thing is, Orbis offers a liquid foundation for those with oily to super oily skin, so I might have to pick one up for the summer. It is very humid in Korea..imo

In the first picture, I only used the P&J primer, Color and Nuance Base and the Liquid Foundation. You can see how orange it is, so I'll probably look too muddy if I apply too much. I use my fingers to pat and blend it in, a sponge doesn't work too well for me, it leaves dry patches.
The Color and Nuance Base doesn't really neutralize all the redness, it does reduce it though. This base is very light and it spreads really easily. A little goes a long way because of those reasons.

In the second picture, I finished blending in the foundation I also used the Smooth Mat Base, Sana Concealer and the Eye Zone Bright Veil. Do you think there's a huge difference?
You don't really notice a lot of coverage with the Bright Veil. I don't really like it because it can get cakey after a few hours and it settles into fine lines. (I can't believe I already have fine lines, and I'm almost 24 @__@) The Bright Veil doesn't spread really smoothly, which is why I use the Sana Concealer underneath. I apply the Bright Veil under my fine lines so it won't settle into them.
The Smooth Mat Base is supposed to help conceal pores. I use this between the apples of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. I won't risk using this on my nose as the pores can get clogged easily there. This base goes on translucent. It's got a sort of a thick putty like texture which finishes off with a really smooth powdery feel on my skin.
I use a few curlers on my bangs and the top of my head while I do my makeup XD

I finished off the base makeup with the Lavshuca Powder.

Now, the swatches. I've used the Skinfood Aloe Sun BB cream #2 as a reference on top of the swatches.
From left to right: Color and Nuance Base Mint Green, UV Cut Sunscreen On Face, Liquid Foundation #03, Smooth Mat Base, Eye Zone Bright Veil.

I have not used the Sunscreen On Face yet since I just got it. It is a lightly tinted sunscreen with an SPF 34 and it's got a light creamy texture to it. I think it goes on quite sheer, but it'll do for those days that I don't feel like using foundation. I got this for 14000won for 35g.
The foundation, Smooth Mat Base and the Bright Veil all have an orangey pink tone to it. The Bright Veil comes out a lot more orangey than the foundation, but I guess it helps with dark circles.

I think this will be my last major haul before going to Hong Kong. Remember how I purchased the travel sizes for the Aqua Force? There is supposed to be enough for 3 weeks, but I think I'll finish it in 2. I got the full sizes so I didn't have to make a second trip to Orbis. I also purchased a refill of the Cleansing Liquid so I don't have to purchase it in HK. I'll do a separate review of the Cleansing Liquid. The currency exchange kills me, so I rather stock up on Orbis before my trip.
The blue bottle is a spray lotion. It is intended for those who are prone to body acne. This spray is supposed to help control sweat and oil on your body while providing it with moisture. The cool thing about this bottle is you can use it upside down when spraying your back. It has a very strong alcohol and menthol smell to it which I hope will fade quickly. I have not used this yet, so another review in the near future!

How could I forget to show everyone the Orbis store! It's very small and the SAs are nice. I intended to show myself in the picture, but my face came out rounder than I wanted XD

I think everyone knows what this is, Melona! A creamy honeydew popsicle.

Lotte's version of Aero. Nothing too special, I like Aero more because it has more air bubbles inside.


ning * star said... items..wait,when I have extra money,then I will try them.yummy tidbits..hehe

Happy Chinese New Year.

cellophanegirl said...

Since your last post about primers, I have been using primer almost daily! Before - I am always too lazy, don't see a point in doing so, or just plain forgotten that I own one. Now, I do see a huge difference. My skin is smoother, brighter, and poreless! WOW, I don't think I will even skip this step again. I'm currently using a primer from Revue but I'm interested in trying more =)

fuzkittie said...

The foundation look very smooth and matte on you~ Yea, everything seems to stay put better in the dry winter weather! Hope it will work for you when summer comes. Did you get my email about the package? Haha.. Korea has some strict customs!

mascara whore said...

Wow, how long are you staying in HK for ? Hehe can't wait to see all the things you get

MiuMiu said...

Hi Cellophane Girl,
I was really lazy too haha, but after seeing how they have sun protection in it and it smooths out my skin, I started using it XD
I'm glad the primers are working out for ya =)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i never tried orbis for foundations nor skincare its interesting to read ur review!

i used their tzone oil control and i do like it alot

Miss imperfect said...

yea i'm celebrating lunar new years i'm going yum cha with the family and dinner probably i love this time of the year cause my mom said new years means new clothes and it's the perfect excuse for clothes. What are u doing for lunar New Year?

M said...

you're so cute. i love how you just see your arm in that picture!

dendy said...

Ah, I missed out on so much stuff. School is killing me. >.< No time for a life.

Oh, I love Melona too! I get in from the asian supermarkets in TO. XD

I've never heard of Orbis but the body spray looks interesting, don't see that in Canada.

Happy New Years!

M said...


she used the protective fluid foundation... i love how its so lightweight!

Iyah said...

Ohhh! :) You have great skin. I have not heard about Orbis here :(

HAPPY almost birthday! Yay! :D

paperdollrevenge said...

Happy New Year! Aww, too bad we can't see you in the Orbis pic, but your arm will have to do!

Melona! Mmm yummy!

Currency exchange is a b*tch, ain't it? But that's awesome you can get Lunasol for cheap! Very lucky. =)

I was wondering if you ever see VOV Castledew products there? And if so, how much they are? I'm looking online but I can't tell!

Anonymous said...

The foundation makes your skin look flawless.
Have you happened to see any Dr Jart shops in Korea? Wondering if you've bought any of Dr Jart products as not many people have reviewed Dr Jarts stuff and apparently, Dr Jart is really popular

MiuMiu said...

Hi Anonymous,
I haven't noticed if Dr Jart has its own store. Most of the drugstores and makeup stores sells their products anyway so it's quite easy to find.
I haven't purchased a Dr Jart item myself but I did get a free Dr Jart product with a purchase, which is the Wrinkle Touch Neck Cream. I only started using it last week so I can't really give a review about it.