Monday, January 26, 2009

Orbis Cleansing Liquid

Happy Chinese and Lunar New Year! I wish I was at home, then I could get some red pockets XD
The weekend has been so boring, no shopping, unless you count groceries. I was hoping to get my new digi cam, but the store was closed for the holiday. I don't even know what I'm gonna do today.

This is the Orbis Cleansing Liquid. The pink bottle is LE which is why I bought it. I don't think I would have purchased the Cleansing Liquid if it wasn't for that reason. It sells for 17000won, but I got it when it was on sale for 16000won (haha like $1 off). I also purchased the refill for 15000won and there is 150mL in each item. I really like the refill pack because storing it is more convenient. (I had to take the pictures in the washroom because Tim was still snoring away)

Aside from being pink, the bottle also has some pretty flower designs on it. Although the bottle is plastic, it feels very sturdy and feel like it will keep its shape. The bottle is probably made better just so people can buy refills for it. The non LE bottle is just made with clear plastic.

This is my first cleansing oil and I like it already. Previously, I've been using the Mandom Express remover. After I bought the Orbis cleanser, I started to use the Mandom remover for my eyes only and the Cleansing Liquid for the rest of my face. I wanted to make sure that my face was fully cleansed of all makeup and I didn't feel the Mandom remover did a good job anymore. It worked well for me the first few times, then I started to notice traces of eye makeup in the morning. I still gave the Mandom remover another chance but a few days ago, after using the Mandom remover for my eye makeup, my eyes started to sting >.<

I'm liking the Orbis cleanser because I can feel that my face is well cleansed and it does not leave a dry feeling like the Mandom remover. I can also use less than the Mandom remover to cleanse my entire face, including my eye makeup. I used 6-8 pumps for the Mandom remover and about a pump and a half (about a quarter sized) for the Orbis cleanser.
I use this on dry skin and rinse off with water. My face feels a little bit squeaky clean, but it does not feel dry or tight and this is a major plus for the winter months.

I'm not sure how the texture compares to other oil cleansers, but I like how the Orbis Cleansing Liquid is thick enough to stay on your face without dripping everywhere, yet thin enough to spread smoothly. There is no scent which is good for those who are sensitive to smells.

The ingredients on the Taiwan site:

I applied some of the Orbis Liquid Foundation on my arm and you can see how the foundation is kinda clumped into oil blobs which rinses off easily.

I have a minor rant, my face is slightly paler than my neck!! I think I have to blame the Skinfood Snow Tea mask sheets. I've been using them twice a week for at least 4 months and it did help reduce my freckles as you can see in my previous post. I didn't imagine that my face would get that much paler from using the masks so I've stopped using them argh! I can't wait till spring.


fuzkittie said...

Haha, why don't you just rub the excess serum from the Skinfood mask on your neck while you're using that mask? that's what I do, more or less prevents my face from getting too much lighter than my neck.

Isn't cleansing oil SO MUCH better than Mandom?? :D That bottle is so cute! What would you put in there after you use up the oil?

mascara whore said...

you should SOOO try the DHC cleansing oil, it cleanses deep and removes makeup ^^

Miss imperfect said...

thanks for subscribing =D
The Orbis bottle looks so cute
I think the philosophy cleanser pretty good too it take off all of my makeup well at lease what it can get to which will not be my lower lash line. I am a chicken with water i can't swim or float and i don't open my eyes if my face is under the shower head. Philosophy makes me feel clean and soft. I like it but i don't love it i'm still on the hunt for a cleanser that i'll fall in love with

angie519 said...

The cleansing oil looks great! I'm currently using shu's!

Hahha, they do appear similiar, but they are still different. I can't help being drawn to those type of colors! And I also can't help getting so many similiar shades Xp haha.

I wasn't very good at surfing, but it was a great workout! haha

awwwwww damn! That sucks dear! But, at least it's a slight difference! That's happened to me before but it was hardly noticeable. I freaked out at first but then realized that with foundation, there was no way to tell. And plus, most of my foundations aren't a perfect skintone match anyways =P.

At least your freckles were reduced, which was your ultimate goal ;)

eri said...

thanks for the comment! he's doing a lot better. and yes, tons of tourist, but it's still great...most of the time! haha.

the cleansing oil looks great! i love the bottle, super cute. i just started using the shu uemura oil!

M said...

oh the bottle looks so pretty! it looks like it does work better than the mandom!

I'm mailing out your coalface tomorrow hopefully you'll get it before you leave for HK!

ning * star said...

hi dear, orbis bottle looks so nice. I think etude house recent cleansing oil bottle also looks like that,all come with cute and lovely packaging.

I wanna try the snow tea mask sheet too.but I haven't have time to buy it or order from internet.

I'm so bored now,I hate school and I'm so tired for keep on rushin' here and there.

Anyway,I have a lots of red packets =P
happy Chinese New year.

Iyah said...

Ohhh! That Make up Remover is too cute! :D I love the packaging.

I know what you mean about having traces of eye make up in the morning. Sometimes I look like a raccoon because of the traces of eyeliner on my eyes, but whenever I use my Clinique Cleansing Balm, my face gets squeaky clean and melts all my waterproof eyeliner :)

Happy Chinese New Year :D

xphoenix06 said...

I love that it has refills! I wish MAC has something like that for their oil cleanser. I wish Orbis was easier to get here in the mid-west in the U.S. -.-;

ahaha, my eldest kid freaks out whenever she see's me with any dark face mask on. Thankyou! Happy Lunar New Year to you too! ^-^ Sorry you couldn't be home with your family for the New Years, but I hope you had a good one in Korea still. ^-^

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

oh! orbis had a promo for that last month when it came out but cleansing oil never works for me [i tried shu, orbis, name it] so i gave up...booo

but the bottle is gorgeous and i like how its refillable!

CuttiBeBe said...

i agree the mandom didn't do much for me except for when i'm really tired and need to pass out ASAP. cleansing oil is always my first choice when it comes to makeup removal.

got some of the P&J skin care ingredient up for ya, go check it out chica.