Friday, January 30, 2009

Displays at the Grocery Store

I think I will miss Smoothie King the most from Korea. My favourite is the Peach Slice which has peaches and bananas. They have extra add on powers like vitamins, protein and such and I started to have mine with collagen haha. It's 500won extra but gotta start getting some goodies for my skin sooner or later. Each time I drink this I think about how Yumeko said you can add collagen to something like her curry udon.

I tried to take pictures of the displays at my local grocery store called E-mart. Just think Wal-mart but a tiny bit more expensive. There were too many SAs roaming around so I couldn't take many. I mainly wanted to take pictures of the Skinfood displays since it's an actual mini store inside E-mart, I couldn't get close enough because of those SAs.

I couldn't find some good Castledew displays since most of them were empty. Also, a lot of the products were in boxes instead of being displayed nicely. Yup, it's less than $5 for those shadows, cheap?


ning * star said...

ah... castledew for less than $5??

wah wah...this is great... I will email for some secretive things.
tee hee~~~~

I like all these...these are just so wonderful for me..

Thanks so much MiuMiu :)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

wow integrate display is so nice in korea, its just a simple drugstore display here

and wooo castledew!

take me there when i go!

fuzkittie said...

You're a BIG tease. :p

Miss imperfect said...

omggg i wish i could go to Korea there so much cute makeup ur so luckyyyy i'm jealous

Iyah said...

Wow! $5! That's a great buy :D I will do a review of Laneige cleanser soon but I hardly use it that's why I cannot do a decent review yet :/

miemiemie said...

castledew shadows are just $5!? cool..ha i wish i was there..

why'd your sims become depressed and died? haha you must have neglected them. there's a cheat that you can do to keep their needs always full :) you should try that. haha i always do the cheats, my sim's house is so big and extravagant and one guy in the family has several fiances. hahaha..

anyway, if you've read my entry about the skincare products that i use, the cream that i've been using for the longest time is called "amira magic cream" keeps my skin so flawless. not kidding with the word "magic"..but my skin is addicted to it.haha doesn't whiten my face anymore..but it keeps it pimple free..if i stop using it, i end up in rashes within 2 days..on the 3rd day it gets itchy rashes, tiny red spots that look like zits but they're irritated and itchy.. ;'< i haven't told my derma about this cream coz i'm sure she'll tell me to stop and ask me to buy different stuff to put on my face from her own line. people here keep on ripping you off. its really annoying and shameful. if only we had a derma as a family friend..-_- but since its the only thing that's been working on me, its amazing really..but you just have to maintain using it made my skin softer and fairer, scars minimized and really prevents pimples. if i do get some from my monthly period, its usually just a small zit..not the deep red ones..

acutelife said...

did you buy the castledew!?? it's really cheap!! All i have from castledew line is the nail polish:P and that I even used for my salon =.=

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

That looks a lot nicer then Wal-Mart! Take me there!!!! :) I hate when the SA's are annoying, I have trouble enjoying myself in Sephora for that reason. There's a creepy OLD lady in my Sephora and she's a stalker! >_<

angie519 said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your available selection in cosmetics!

Hahaha really? I think my lashes are sparse!

Oh don't worry.. I'm getting slower and slower at replying myself >.<

Hahah I am! I can't remember the last time I traveled.. probably 2 years ago, and it was when they first started the liquid/gel ban. Oh man, I think the weather will be hoooooot! Yay! =)

miemiemie said...

haha why'd they cry? that must be frustrating for you..maybe you need to spoil them more? haha i've tried minimizing my usage of this cream by adding another one. but it somehow reacts to other creams so badly. -_- yes toothpaste can help for other people. i've tried it before but didn't work. i think it also depends on the toothpaste being used..haha and yeah i roll around as well during my sleep. :)

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhh spy pics!! Yay! Thank you!! Those strawberries and cupcakes look yummy!

What's this about Sims?! haha I used to be a total Sims 2 addict. Now I need to try to sell my games on ebay for some cash, but seems like everyone else is already doing that since Sims 3 is coming out!

Ohhh VOV Castledew...such pretty packaging, I'm dying for their dia-cut eye shadow palettes. I tried looking on gmarket but it's so confusing and a bit scary, haha so I give up...for now at least. =)