Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Finds

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been quite lazy and haven't went out much this weekend. I had $70 left over at the end of my budget week yesterday, and I only bought 1 thing for myself and the rest were on groceries. (Is $7 for 200g of smoked salmon expensive?? I had to spoil myself tho XD)
Does this make you hungry? Not really? I wouldn't be if I saw this too, but this was lunch yesterday and it cost 6500won @__@. I went to a supposedly Japanese udon place, didn't seem too Japanese if you ask me. I had the tempura udon. The noodles were thick and chewy and the tempura was horrible. First of all, I hate sesame leaves, they taste soooo weird and gross to me, it's got this strong uuggghhh flavour to it. Secondly, the tempura batter was so thick and soggy by the time it was served to me. I peeled off most of the batter to eat the stuff inside, which was 1 tiny shrimp and a small piece of purple yam. *sigh* I wish there were better noodle places here. I wish there was Ajisen Ramen! Although I'm sure that's considered crap among ramen and noodle places.

How about curry roast chicken from the back of a truck instead? I believe it was 15000 for a chicken and that's more than double the price of the Costco roast chickens. Didn't look too tasty anyway.

Since this is beauty blog, I should have something beauty related right? XD BTW, I'm trying to play around with picture sizing and such to try to reduce the amount of scrolling down, so bear with me!
I got myself the Skinfood Green Tea Bubble Cleansing Foam for about 6500won for 160mL. Who doesn't like foam on their face!?? I've tried a sample of the Philosophy Purity Foam, I liked the foamy-ness but I broke out and it stripped my face of everything @__@
This formula is supposed to help rid your skin of impurities and also slightly exfoliate it...without scrubbers. I feel like it's a regular face wash. It doesn't strip my face of all the oils, but it does leave a slightly squeaky feeling. It has a very heavy green tea scent which doesn't linger too long. The downside to this cleanser is that it uses a lot of liquid to create 1 pump of foam. I use 2-3 pumps and I'm sure I'll finish this in under 2 weeks with daily use. So save your monies everyone, it's not really worth any shipping price because you will finish this quickly. Try the Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam instead. It's a gel that lathers up slightly. I've tried the sample and it smells delightful!

I made a purchase for myself yesterday. Look at the picture...isn't that so cool? Haha. I have to admit sometimes I sweat a lot on my pits, especially if I'm nervous. But it's not like excessive sweating where it happens 24/7, it's at random times.
Anywho, I saw these pit pads for your shirts in a Japanese magazine a while ago. I thought these were perfect for me, and for anyone else who doesn't want to ruin their pretty tops on a hot summer's day. I first saw these in person in Hong Kong and they were roughly $9CAD for 10 pairs, which I thought were kind of pricey. Then I saw them again in Seoul for 12000won, even more expensive! But I got it anyway, I didn't want some of my favourite tops to be ruined. I've seen other sizes and colors in the magazine for your darks and for sleeveless tops.
The concept is, you stick these pads on your shirt and they absorb the excess sweat and protects your clothes and you from embarassement! =D These were pretty big pads, they're thin (1mm), soft and flexible. I haven't used these yet because it's been cold outside, but I imagine they would work quite well.
I'm not too sure what the brand is so I can't really direct anyone to get them on a specific website. (Yumeko, would you happen to know?) If I can't find them anywhere online, I think I have to stock up before I leave Korea. (Canada's dry hot heat is brutal...for some reason I sweat more in Toronto than in Hong Kong o_O)

Look it's cake in a cup! You mix the powder with 1 egg and microwave for 1:20 minutes and you've got freshly microwaved cake haha.
This is the chocolate flavour with some chocolate cookie bits in it. I've also tried purple yam flavour that comes with sugar syrup. These cakes mainly taste like spongy microwave cake with a bit of flavour in it. Not too bad if you want a cake-fix. They cost about $1CAD.

I've finally finished my list of "to buy" for Hong Kong. Excluding the clothes and camera, it's come up to about $2500CAD, did I go over board for 3 weeks? XD
I have a question! Does anyone happen to know where on the net I can find the ingredients of the Paul & Joe skincare line? I've had trouble finding it =/


ning * star said...

awww.For me,I think Ajisen Ramen is so so,moderate I think.But I like shabu shabu,very nice and got so many cute mushrooms. haha ^_^

I have The skinfood Tea tree bubble foam.I think it is ok.I prefer tea tree cleansing gel more.I have the apple vinegar foam sample but haven't tried it yet.Oh,I have been keeping lots of samples but didn't use them at all.

The cake is so nice,so easy and convenient.I wish I can find such thing in Malaysia.Desperate when going to supermarket.Things and food,almost everything become so expensive in a sudden.I'm sure it will be a tough time for me,student,limited pocket money @__@

Diane said...

Even though you are going to post beauty things, please don't stop writing about things like these! I love reading these things esp. because I'm interested in teaching abroad!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I love your post about food and that food cart is adorable...I really want to visit that place as well.
Thank you for the Skinfood review...The apple vinegar cleanser you mentioned sounds interesting...
Oi, I don't know if I would wear those pit-sheets...I think I would feel them all day and start sweating even more. But let me know when you used them if it worked for you :D

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

You can get those pit protecters for your shirts in Toronto actually at Shoppers Drug Mart. I actually tend to sweat more when I'm cold or when I wear dress shirts so I've bought them there before. Look pretty much like the ones you have pictured. Don't remember the price though but I don't think they were super cheap but not insane expensive either.

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i looove these posts! they are great and i love knowing what u do

btw i have no idea who makes them? dariya? i have no idea haha i never bought them, i rely on deoderant cream in summer which is stronger than deoderant.

i'll check next time i am in store!

spankedelic said...

jeeeeez woman. ur food pics always make me hungry! i'm sorry ur tempura was soggy =( i hate when that happens. that cake didn't look too bad, though. i buy something similar at the store and it's just delicious!!!!!!

=- Junista -= said...

You're such a big fan of skinfood ehehe. It's nice to have extra money to spend at the end of the week. I wish I could do the same thing ^^

love the idea of those pit pads. Let us know if they work out for you.

Ciao ciao :-X

acutelife said...

that cake in a cup is a brilliant idea!!!'s very convenient!! me want!! :P
btw..have you ever tried amway deodorant?? I know it's very good at reducing armpit perspiration coz I used to use it back then :)

Iyah said...

If you ask me, yes it would make me hungry! I still don't have the appetite to eat, but I feel so hungry now. Every food that I try to eat doesn't have any taste :( I hate being sick! :(

Anywho, Weee! Another skinfood! I'm sooo curios about skinfood and hoping to get my hands on them one day! :D And yum at that cupcake! :D

fuzkittie said...

Woo... microwaved cake? Haha, looks yummy to me. Surprising that you haven't had much mind blowing food yet! I think if I were in Korea I'd die from all the eating... haha.

P&J ingredients? Try makeup alley? I think beauty habit lists some of the ingredients.

miemiemie said...

haha..another skinfood item!:)

and woah..$2500 for 3weeks? hmmm..pretty good. half of that would last me 3 days of shopping in bangkok already.hahaha have you visited bangkok already? if you love clothes, you should you should!

miemiemie said...

thanks for the bb creams response :) anyway, the etude one gives you an orange-pink color? i dunno about orange.. :( some makeup oxidize on me and i turn orange..hahaha

angie519 said...

Hahah instant cake! Doesn't Betty Crocker make a similiar one? Those aren't that tasty though.

That foam looks delicious! Something about foam is always so appealing to me! But it dries my skin out. I'm glad it isn't the case with this one!

Geeeez! You've had awful luck with food lately huh?! It all looks so good in pictures =(

Hhahah that's a great idea! Armpit stains are awfully embarrassing!

janniedoll77 said...

oooh. i would love to try cake in a cup. :) now that made me hungry. plus, it's really easy and convenient. especially for people that don't know how to bake like me. lol. i'd love to learn, but don't have the time. if betty crocker sells cake in a cup though, then i'm on the hunt for it. :)

oh yeah, thanks for recommending i'm gonna check it out. i'll even bug my honey to help me order something (another thing i get scared of doing. online ordering. lol.) once a skinfood product tickles my fancy. :)

angie519 said...

Hahah well you know mainly what we all like! Makeup, duuuh =P I find it harder to buy things for close friends sometimes. Us beauty bloggers appreacite any and all makeup/skincare items so it's super easy to give gifts haha.

Yeah, it's hard to imagine living without a certain item, like a TV. But after having to do it for a while, you get use to it.

Hahahahha, I agree! I can't eat spicy food because I grew up eating non-spicy food!

Kimberly Tia said...

oh darn you and your post of deelish food porn, especially the cake in a cup!!! i love it!

and mmmmmm BEARD PAPAAAAAA -- yummmmmmy -- if I could package it up and send it to you girl, believe me- I sooo would!

Busily packing my 10,000 lbs of clothing for toronto to stay warm. PUWAHAHHA -- and I'm going back in May -- so I'm PRAYING TO GOD that it's warmer by then?

paperdollrevenge said...

Skin Food Green Tea Bubble Cleansing Foam just sounds yummy!

Mmm...Ajisen Ramen, too bad that place is a bit of a drive for me so I haven't been there in a while. I hope the next food place you try is delicious!

Diane said...

Yup, I just published it now. haha. We should do a swap sometime. I am loving the things you find there! What types of things are you interested in from the States (if there are any.)

I am SOO going to sell it. I hate the smell of the samply kit and it taste nasty too (the warming scrub got in my mouth-salty!)

miemiemie said...

i only get to do that kind of shopping when my dad is around..but if i'm with my mom, she'll keep on telling me that i'm wasting i like shopping with my dad..he's like, "go ahead and buy it already"..but i'm the nice kid, i always understand them..i'm really shy to ask for money. but my dad spoils us too much. my mother on the other hand, she does spend a lot when it comes to stuff she wants. so i make it a point that she finds stuff that she wants then i go and grab whatever i want and mix it in with her stuff so it won't get noticed.haha and then upon paying she'll notice that and i act like i had no idea how the hell it got there..haha :) oh..and i only buy stuff that i really want, i'm really picky with things..its sort of hard to please when i see something i like, i go and grab it.especially if its cheap. girl if you go to bangkok with that amount of money,you'll be set for years to come. no kidding here.clothes in bangkok are the cheapest. way cheaper than china but better in terms of quality..and a lot of stores sell hand sewn creative and fun :) unique too! when i went to HK, i only got stuff from shiseido and skinfood..and some clothes and shoes. we didn't get to walk around that much too coz we just stayed there for 2 days. the 3rd day we went to shenzen, more shopping there.cheaper but a lot of their clothes are of low quality, very flimsy fabrics..but some bags are nice and the accessories there were to die for though..they had lots of makeup there too..but i had a hard time talking with the SAs there..i was asking for concealer and all they showed me were foundations and blushes..and they give me way lighter shades..i noticed that asian women like to look fair, nothing wrong with that, it makes them look younger :) sorry for blabbing too much..haha
i bet you'll enjoy shopping with me, coz i can bear all the walking and i barely eat,drink or pee :) we can go hours and hours and hours..and i always torture the SAs :) hahaha

fuzkittie said...

O crap, I forgot to take a swatch for you! P&J foundation right? I will email it to you tonight.

I have never heard of Glow before you told me!! Thank you sooo much, i think I'll be buying from them. $60CAD for the P&J foundation? Sucks! But I love it! It's an awesome product. You should try out the primers too while you're there.

OMG I would die if all that new makeup arrived at once, lol.

spankedelic said...

oh yeah, the CS palette would take forever to finish. i've never finished a palette, let alone an eyeshadow before. lol. i haven't played with my cs palette much since i've been in clinicals. it's just hard to do my makeup when i wake up so darn early. plus, i want to be presentable to the hospital and my patients. i'm gonna try to use my palette up. lol =)

Fei said...

That cake thing is GENIUS. Too bad it doesn't taste better... lol.

You should've seen the pics I took while holding the camera in my hands! I had to set it on a flat surface to be able to get that picture to come out right.

yumeko said...

hahah dear, i shop all the time
i dont care if i have an upcoming trip or not as i dont like limiting myself heehee

terrible right?

Zaring said...

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