Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Garage Sale

Nothing much today, eagerly awaiting the weekend to do some more shopping at Orbis XD
I'm still testing out my Orbis products so I can't do a review yet =/

I'm having a mini sale on some of the pieces that I think don't suit me. If you're interested, do take a look =)
Miu Miu Makeup

In other news, I was looking up on all the prices of the skincare and cosmetics I wanted in Hong Kong. Turns out my won is so crummy. For example, something from P&J would cost me a lot, the Protective Fluid Foundation sells for $310HKD. When I convert it to won, it will cost me 55 000won. Then convert that to Canadian, it'll be about $50.
Oh well, what can I really do right? There are some things for sale in Korea that's much cheaper than Hong Kong, like Orbis and Lunasol, so I'll probably get part of Lunasol's new collection in Korea.

I also keep forgetting to share with everyone, this great site I found a while ago. It's called I believe it's Hong Kong based as everything is listed in HKD (duhh). The site is in Chinese and it talks about fashion, beauty and stuff that will interest girls.
I found some makeup demos using the newest Coffret D'or palette and the Lunasol palette, enjoy!


miemiemie said...

thanks dear! haha yes definitely lots of work waiting for me there..but the pay and incentives for nurses in the hospital that 'll be sponsoring me are great. they have a lot of filipino nurses, which is a bonus on my part.

is fancl as drugstore brand or high end? i woke up this morning with more rashes..i hate my current skin condition. tonight i just cleansed my face and put nothing afterwards. i have tiny tiny red spots all over my face. with some itchy rashes. argh arghhhh

angie519 said...

Yay! I'm glad that's working out for you! It always feels so good to be able to find something that works out for your skin.

Oi I'm sorry about the hassle with converting currency!

Hahaha noo, I don't like receiving gifts without giving something in return. I wish I could send you some food!

Hahahha the majority of my family doesn't even give money for New Years!

fuzkittie said...

That converting rate really sucks! :[ Too bad... But I can assure you P&J is worth the money!! Haha.

xppinkx said...

Hello Baby!

im horrid with my <333 spreading of my little input...but i lurk anyway...=)

im curious about your orbis line...i have heard of it before...please keep us all updated...i wonder how well is there makeup line know what im planning on traveling to asia in october...and korea is one of my stops...would you still be there? i going to japan for a week as well...and hong gunna shop till i drop...

Boooooo that your stuck in Korea for chinese New red envelopes for you =(


mascara whore said...

Your garage sale looks very tempting ^^
I only stayed in HK for about a week and I was sick half the time which SUCKED. I remember seeing visee in SaSa. SaSa is so easy to find everywhere but some SaSa's are tiny but some are HUGE. Oh I saw some MM in watson. Ehh well you'll always get away with at least ONE sample but I have no idea how you get thaaaaat many from reading your blog.

the weather is hell in aus, sweating so much i feel icky. But RMK foundation held up VERY good ^^

Miss imperfect said...

hey thanks for leaving a comment! how do u want me to comment u back since i don't see a place to leave a message?

o0o the fluidline works great 4 me on the upper lid with eyeshadow under it but without shadow under it is kinda runs to my lower lash line all in all i love it

M said...

this whole conversion rate stuff is really annoying. at least you can get lunasol cheaper!
can't wait till you grab more goods from orbis and shoowww it here! :D

Iyah said...

Oh yes! :) I know the Swish e/s. Its a pretty pink color :D I don't have that yet. :) Aw, that is so nice of you :D Of course I would love too :D

I was lucky to have a husband that gives me things. Well of course because it was our anniversary. I only let him buy me stuff whenever there's occasion but sometimes he surprises me with things :p

fuzkittie said...

I can't believe the package hasn't arrived!! :[ I shipped it DHL, supposed to arrive in like 2 days! I'll go check on the stat tomorrow.