Monday, November 3, 2008

Freckles, Be Gone!

I can't remember when I got my first freckle. I actually never noticed them much until I came back from my Disney World trip in Sept. 2007. After 7 days straight of non-stop sun shine and neglecting my skin, my face was suddenly bursting with freckles!
To make it worse, I went to Hong Kong in May of this year and again, neglected my skin. Oh how stupid of me. I wasn't actually that bothered by my freckles until my trip to Disney and HK. Somehow, the sun over there made my freckles worse...yah...haha. I started to get annoyed at my freckles after my HK trip, it was so noticable! My mom has lots of freckles too, thanks mom.. and since I didn't want to have a butt load of freckles by the time I was 40, I decided to take action.
Before I came to Korea, I've heard a few things about a Korean brand called Skinfood. I mainly read the reviews on Lotus Palace's page and my friend also told me about it. Skinfood is supposed to be natural with some good ol nutrients for your skin with less preservatives. They also make cosmetics.
One day, I decided to step foot into Skinfood, hoping to find some more natural face wash and lotions. Then I saw the counter with the sheet masks. I was never a big user of sheet masks since I didn't like sitting around without my glasses for 15 mins. But as I browsed through the sheet mask display, I noticed there were masks that are supposed to help diminish freckles and sun damage. I thought I should just give it a try since I have nothing much to do at night anyway. I mean, there's no TV here, but I have Tim to bother while I wait 15 mins. I picked up a few Snow Tea Mask sheets which cost $1.50. All of the masks range from $1.50-$2.50.
Best $1.50 I've spent on single mask sheets!!!

After using this mask, my face felt nice and refreshed. I didn't see an immediate results of course. The only downside is it left a sort of sticky residue on my face. I'm supposed to rub in the excess on my face instead of washing it off. My face feels sticky when I sleep, so I have to use a tissue. The next morning the stickiness was gone.
Since I didn't really have much to do at night, I decided to use the mask sheets twice a week. I have been using these religiously for 2 months now and I actually saw some major improvement in my freckles! Take a look at the pictures and you'll see how much I love it.

This was taken back in May 2008. I only used the Lavshuca Loose Powder on my face. It's pretty much transparent so it doesn't hide nothin!! Look at those dirty looking dots on my cheeks!

Next, the unattractive non-makeuped face. Notice how the freckles have almost disappeared?? Amazing isn't it. I'm going to continue using the Snow Tea Mask Sheets till all of them are gone.

I've posted this picture up in a previous post. I'm only using the Etude House Speey Mineral Base. It doesn't really provide coverage as it is super sheer. The only good thing about it is it makes my face less red looking. Again, look at how much my freckles have disappeared!

So in conclusion, if you have annoying freckles, this is a must buy! for where to purchase, I would ask Lotus Palace as she knows tons about Korean items! =)


yumeko said...

very cool!
i dont have frekles but i heard many good things about skinfood's bb cream as well!

fuzkittie said...

Wow! They really look paler!!

Kimberly Tia said...

mmm SKIN FOOD --
i have freckles too!! grrr, I might have to search for this magical stuff!!

thanks again for joining in on the lolita contest girl!!! i added you to the contest blog entry!!!

MiuMiu said...

Hi Yumeko!
I was thinking of trying the BB cream as well, but I still have tons of my Etude House SMB. I say to myself not to buy more things till I finish some of the stuff I have at home =p

Hey Fuz,
I'm soo addicted to the mask sheets and for that price too!

Hi Kimberly!
If you're still looking for them, I believe it's g-market that they sell it. I haven't personally bought anything from that site yet.
I saw the entry that you posted haha, I've never had that much eye makeup before and I didn't even line my lower lid hahaha

little nIng star * * * said...

hi dear,i'm a fans of skinfood product too.great to see that the snow tea mask sheet do help to reduce freckles... hehe, i gonna try it too... thanks for your review.

i've review some skinfood items at my blog too, check it ya... thanks