Friday, November 21, 2008

Skinfood: Sugar Bloom Shadow Box

Yay! It's friday, this makes me happy because it means I'm a bit closer to going out to look at some new skincare/cosmetic items!
I was browsing the Skinfood website when I noticed that they came out with a new eyeshadow palette: Sugar Bloom Shadow Box. I think it's the first eyeshadow palette they released, but I could be wrong. I'm also not too sure when it came out and whether it was for fall or winter.
I purchased this for 8500won, pretty cheap for such a cute eyeshadow palette.
The palette comes in a yellow tin case on the edges it's got a designed stamped into the tin. It kind of reminds me of the tin cases like Altoids. I'm not too fond of the tin because you need to press it quite hard to snap on the lid and this might affect the shadows at some point or another.
Inside, there is a mirror that I like because it's big enough to see my eyes. It also comes with a double ended sponge applicator. It's actually quite small so I needed to swipe on the shadow a few times to get it all over my eyes.
The shadows are in metal pans which sit in a yellow plastic holder. They're 2cm x 2.5cm in size. I'm not too sure about the depth though. Sadly, there were no instructions included, but I did use the tutorial from a Vivi magazine (Aug. 2008 see below) as a little guideline. However, the shades do not appear as pigmented as the Visee shadows.

I originally saw the palette in their newsletter and they were advertising the 03 color, which consisted of brown shades. The 01 palette has a coral, lavender and goldish shades. The palette I purchased was 02.
The 02 palette has a highlighter shade that's gold with glitters in it. I find that the texture is a bit chalky and with the glitters, it was a touch gritty. The liner shade is a coffee brown and the main shade is a warm cooked salmon pink strange description. The liner and main shades are all smooth and silky. They aren't as chalky as the gold shade. If you kind of look closely at the gold shade, it looks slightly chalky in the picture.

I guess there are many ways you could use this palette. I used the gold shade as a highlighter, the pink shade all over my lids and then I blended the coffee shade halfway up my lids. It creates a beautiful natural look with some hints of color. Unfortunately, I didn't do an EOTD with this palette because I had to rush off to catch the bus. Looks quite nice with the MAC Blitz and Glitz.

I don't really love this palette, I mainly love the colour combo. You can see from the swatches that these are quite sheer. I find that only the coffee shade can be intensified with layering, the other 2 shades are kinda..meh.. They're also not as shimmery as I'd like.
I did my eyes at 7am and by about 11am, it faded quite a bit, even when I used the UDPP. I wore this for at least 8 hours a few days ago and I did have to do some touch up which was annoying. I didn't notice any creasing, but by the end of the day it looked kind of cakey. I do have oily eyelids so this might have contributed to the cakey look. This doesn't usually happen with my other shadows though.

I'm sure the Visee palette is a lot more pigmented than the Skinfood one. Maybe I should try this XD
Monday is pay day! I can't wait! That means I gotta celebrate with a makeup/skincare haul maybe??
I have to eat more waffles. There's this (I'm assuming popular) waffle place near me called Deliatti and they are giving away a sample of Hanskin's Premium Super BB Cream with a purchase of 10000won or more. What a name.. it's supposed to have whitening, anti-aging benefits and sun protection. Sounds good, but I'm not too sure if it's the whole tube or not. I noticed the sign saying it was 22000won, so it might be the whole thing.


Bittenbefore said...

u should try the visee one, its good ^^ if u need help, email me !

that packaging is gorgeous

Bittenbefore said...

also forgot to say
i wanna email u abt the comment u made in my private blog
why are we stuck with such lousy people!

but anyway i am rushing out the door right now [friday night@]

will email u tomorrow

fuzkittie said...

They give you BB cream for eating waffles? LOL!!!!!!! That's the funniest giveaway ever!

Bittenbefore said...

wwo tats cool your brother collects dollfies!

those dolls are limited edition, they dont get released till december XD and they are 22inches ie 60cm tall.

but he might have similar ones ^^

angie519 said...

I'm gonna get a Visee palette.. soon hopefully! =P

I was going through a rough patch before and got full bangs. It was an AWFUL mistake! I hated growing them out too. But Fuz pulls them off so well!

lucette said...

ooh, haulage time! it is a cute palette & i agree that the color combo is a lovely one. (BTW The Vivi mag tutorial is sooo gorgeous...I'm coveting Japanese m/u more & more...) personally i'd been disappointed with most Korean e/s, although every shop seems to feature a rainbow of them: little to no color/stayingpower payoff & weird consistency of shimmer (or worse, glitter).
I'm glad the skinfood BB cream is working out thus far! I have the Gingko Green for dry skin (my skin is I daresay the polar opposite of yours) but I've not tried it extensively yet.
I got those Skin caviar samples w/ my skinfood purchase too! Haven't opened them yet...but your review is encouraging :)

I am so contemplating starting up a blog now...starting up w/ extemporary exposition on Korean skincare philosophy (i.e. why one "requires" so many products in precise order, plus accessibility of lasers/IPL/etc..) because I see it misunderstood on other internet sites (not yours, I mean!) + I have so many Qs about whitening products... I wanna join the dead hot/dead cool/smart & sassy beauty bloggers I see round these parts, I guess :P

lol @ the waffles giveaway. i would so go for that. mm. I like those fish-shaped red bean cakes street vendors sell too...but no free m/u with those :P

PS - yay for aritaum! & yes, it was one tiny (& vicious) poodlet. all wide button eyes & cottonball fluff, with a quibbly disposition & legs that seeed to run on some perpetual invisible treadmill -- but what a bite! :x

MiuMiu said...

Hey Lucette,
I'm getting disappointed with the skinfood palette, i've already used it 4 times and it's starting to be in my blah list. oh least it wasn't over priced XD
I think i'm gonna go try another BB cream when I have the chance to get one. It's getting dryer now and my skin is also getting dryer, i hate how there's so many changes, with the weather, skin..etc
You should start a blog again! Then you can post up all your korean finds and exp for me and everyone else to know about =D
I don't understand why there's soooo many items for the skincare routine, like 2 lotions, toners, eyecreams etc.
i've stopped using the caviar toner and lotion now because i'm starting to notice what the weird perfume smell's a kinda fishy smell, well it is caviar lol so i guess that explains a lot. also a good thing cuz it's possibly got the real stuff in it.
lol i think it's easier to just ask other bloggers for advice than going to the SAs, some of them are so intimidating.
i need to figure out what foundations will work best for me, i've always thought i should be using ones with a yellow tone to it but i'm not too sure anymore. so hopefully i can figure it out.
it's also nice to ask others questions if they've tried something haha, so you're not the guinea pig in a way XD
i have yet to try the fish shaped things, the look yummy, but everytime i pass by, i'm not in the mood for snacks or i just finished dinner lol. i love the street waffles though.
lol...tiny dogs are evil