Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skinfood: Aloe Sun BB Cream

First things first. I got an email today from Benefit telling me that they're sorry about some ordering error with international orders and I get a free lipgloss out if it. I didn't even place an order with them before haha. I think I have until the end of this week to use this code. If you are ordering something from Benefit this week, try it out. It's for "the gloss" lipgloss.

I finally jumped on the BB cream bandwagon. I just HAD to purchase a BB cream when I went to Skinfood.
Skinfood came out with 3 different BB creams: Aloe Sun, Gingko Green and Mushroom. I purchased the Aloe Sun one because it has sun protection. The Gingko Green doesn't have it and the Mushroom one has whitening and anti-aging. Aloe Sun is pretty much for all skin types and it provides nutrients and moisture to your skin.

The downside with Skinfood's BB creams is the fact that they only have 2 shades to choose from. I can't read the Korean so I can't tell you what the shades are called, except for 01 and 02. I purchased the 02 which is the darker of the 2 selections.
The shade matches me very well. It's only got a light pink tone to it, while compared to my Etude House Speedy Mineral Base 02 which has a deeper yellow tone. Both do suit me quite well. However, I prefer the color of the Skinfood BB cream.
The product spreads very nicely and it makes my face feel sooooo smooth. I didn't notice any sort of mask look either. This is also water proof. I put some on my hand and poured water on it and the water just beaded off. I also like how this BB cream covers my redness quite well, this makes me happy!! But it doesn't cover any of my freckles or the dark eye circles.

*Edit: This morning when I used the BB cream, it came out slightly streaky as I was spreading it. It required extra smoothing/blending to get rid of the streaks. I wonder why. I hope it doesn't happen again.

A tiny bit goes a long way for me. Probably pea sized amount is enough. There's 1.76 ounces in this tube and it should last me quite a while.
Another good thing about this BB cream is how it seems to give my skin enough moisture so it didn't produce as much oil. Well other than my t-zone, I didn't notice a lot of excess oil on the rest of my face except for smooooothness. I did use my Lavshuca loose powder on top so this might have helped with oil absorption too.
So this BB cream sounds quite good doesn't it? Nope! I do have one major rant about this product, the smell!!!!!!
It smells like....errr...what aloe soaps would smell like. The first time I used it, it kinda hit me in the nose. The smell doesn't last very long, I'd say 10 mins or so, but it was kind of unbearable. The next time I use this product, I think I have to hold my breath and fan at my face in hopes that the smell with disappear faster. Now that I'm talking about the smell of this BB cream, I can start to remember it. I just wished there was no scent to this product. If you're sensitive to smells, you might want to steer away from this BB cream.
Other than that, this is quite a good product for its price, if you can get your hands on it, I definitely encourage you to try it.

I found a book store (Bandi and Luni) that sold Japanese magazines. I know it's kinda 6 years too young for me (Seventeen) but I just had to get it. It came with a free Peach John cosmetic pouch, plus I could get an idea of what to wear for winter. If I'm not mistaken, Peach John is a Japanese lingerie brand which sells some gorgeous things.
There's some pages in this magazine I wanna take pictures of to show you all. Will do that when I have time.
One more thing before I sleep, tomorrow is my last after school class. YAY!!!! No more planning my own material to students that don't even want to go to begin with!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus an extra 1 000 000won.


Bittenbefore said...

peach john is a bad bad addiction
i am a member so they mail me their catalogues for new season which is every few months and once the collection hits the store, i am there with bells on XD cos i dont want to miss my size haha

and thanks for the review
wish there was a skinfood here to try them!!

Kimberly Tia said...

gaSp -- a SKINFOOD bb cream review FINALLY!!!! I wanted to try the mushroom one!!!... love your lil blog time to follow ^_^

yumeko said...

waffles with hanskin! i love it!
remember to tell me everything abt the store. i am super jealous!

i gotta go seoul asap
i bought a travel book and everything and checking dates/tickets hahahah

peach john is online i am sure but i generally go to their store in shinjuku. big store XD

the best thing abt them is tat they make some really innovative bras [like styles etc i wouldnt have thought of]

the semi backless ones are awesome

yumeko said...

email me if u wanna ask more abt peach john since its underwear XD

angie519 said...

Yes! I'll be doing some FOTDs and reviews, hopefully during the weekend. I'm too busy and tired during the week =(. The Shiseido lipgloss is GREAT!!!

Glow Chaser said...

I love my skinfood Gingko but you are right i need me some SPF for when the sun comes out in London...rare but just in case!