Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lazy Bum

Ahh...I'm a bit lazy to write a new post today, so I'll just leave you with a picture and I'll update later XD

Waiting for the bus and I got bored.


angie519 said...

Hahha you know, that makes sense! That's how celebs have bangs one day and not the other! haha. Hrm that would be kind of fun! I'd just be annoyed with finding a similiar hair tone. Haha yeah, I hate it when my hair gets oily, let alone bangs! Ew

Hrm I think I want Visee Jewel Crush Eyes in E-5 or E-1. I'm going to buying it off of adam beauty as soon as the other new palettes, I think by Majomajo, is in stock! And I will do a EOTD or FOTD once I buy!

Haha the books are probably going to be way better than the movie. I'm still dying to see it though! I'm loving anything Twilight nowadays =P. Hahaha lots of girls are dragging their bfs to watch and even some are reading the books!

miemiemie said...

i like this picture :) hahaha and too lazy to post = my style as well..haha

miemiemie said...

hahaha thank you :) you spoil me too much ;p

i've only had 2 job interviews so far..the first went really well..this 2nd one, at first the interviewer was seemingly cold..she wasn't smiling, but at the end she told me that she was impressed with how good i was with my english ;x hahaha then before ending the interview she asked me what the heck i use for my face..i was like "omg! gotcha!" hahaha..then i told her my regime and even endorsed some mineral makeup..wahahaha my dad told me that i probably got the job since i'll be in training..and wth,i'm more than the average applicant! hmph! or so i think..hahaha i always think that way in order to control my nervousness and anxiety..haha

the weather in manila was sort of sunny, which is pretty normal..have you been to the philippines?

blahsayblah said...

Yeah, that's true. I should make it something that will make me stronger.

yumeko said...

ah cant wait for your hanskin store review!

i do my nails myself and i dont wear arylics
i tried once but couldnt make them last even 1 day [i type too much]

so u going to get a fake fringe? hee

fuzkittie said...

Cool photo!! Do you know if they sell L'egere in Korea?!

angie519 said...

Givenchy's blush is $40 USD, I'm not sure how much it'll be in Canada. What's the rate right now 0.73? (or it is for me)

Haha yup! It remind me of melted candy too! You should try Shisheido's lipgloss then if you don't like sticky! Petal Pink (my favorite color) isn't sticky at all! So supple and smooth it's amazing!

You mean purple? It's nice for outer V and lining. It's a really pretty color!

Hahha my skin is far from flawless, but thanks so much! I'm glad it looks that way =P

yumeko said...

i'll take some pics of my clip on bangs for you to see heehee

fuzkittie said...

About the eye lining... It's not exactly the upper water line that I was lining, I get it as close to the roots as possible, basically just trying to fill in those gaps. I wear contacts too, and this method doesn't get the liner in my eyes..

The cream shadow from MM doesn't crease on me really, but of course after 12 hours it starts to..

I'll try to do a look from that Man, hahaha~