Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chilly and Rainy

Ugh, I hate it when it's cold outside AND there's rain. It totally ruins my mood. But, since Tim is teaching the afternoon Saturday class, I'm home alone and I can play around with my makeup without him looking at my weirdly hehe.
I just did a quick FOTD, my undereye area is horrible. I haven't found a perfect concealer yet or an eye cream. I'm one of those people who won't spend a fortune on eye creams, or anything else for that matter. I prefer to buy what I need and not over spend, especially if I want to go to Hong Kong for my trip or trying to pay my tuition. Well of course there are some things that I feel I must have XD
I need to learn to take better pictures with my cell cam or get a digi cam -__-' I just can't get the angles right.

What I Used:
Etude House Speedy Mineral Base 02
Lavshuca Loose Powder
T'estimo blush PK-18
MJ singles in WT920 and BK922
MJ Jewelling Pencil in SV802
Coffret D'or Shining Eyeliner WT04
Diorshow mascara
Fiberwig mascara
Coffret D'or lippy BE-178

I think some of the people that know me probably think I'm frugal. I like to watch out for my spendings especially if I still have tuition to pay. So most of the time I oogle makeup instead of buying it.
Anyway enough of that.
Around where I live there are 2 universities. There's one that's got tons of stores and restaurants surrounding it (Kyun Hee University) so I go around that area quite often to eat. It's only a 10 minute walk from home.
A few months ago, I discovered a lingerie store that sells some cute and colorful things. To my surprise, everything is cheap, cute AND good quality! This makes me happy.
The bra and panty sets are no more than $34ishCAD and they're super cute. Of course there are other varieties which steer away from the cute side.
The bra itself doesn't cost more than $25CAD, which is quite a bargain, IMO.
Here's 2 that I bought! Uber cute. There's matching panties with it too. The store also sells men's wear too, but the strange thing is, Korean couples like to match when it comes to their underwear! That's weird... Imagine those bras that I have but in boxer form. o_O

Another Skinfood haul. I caved and just had to buy a BB cream after reading so many reviews on other BB creams. It was either Missha (another populare Korean brand) or Skinfood. I decided to go for Skinfood first because I was stocking up on sheet masks, so I might as well get a BB cream. The Missha one I looked at was about $14CAD and the Skinfood only cost a little les than $9CAD for 1.76 ounces. I might go back to a Missha and grab the BB cream though.
Will review it later on!

One more piece of good news for today, I signed up for a Costco Gold Membership with Tim last week. Guess how much?!? Less than $35CAD for the both of us! But it's out of the way to go there by subway. I have yet to learn how to take the bus.


Bittenbefore said...

i signed up for costco recently in japan as well. prior to me living in usa, i didnt know anything about costco XD

i hear good things abt skinfood bb cream, cant wait for ur review

i am quite spendthrift hahah and i can tell u i have tried la mer, stri vectin and all sorts of famous eye creams to no avail

alas being a spendthrift equals having to stay at my job which entails long hours XD

fuzkittie said...

Hmm can't wait to see hwat you think of SkinFood bb cream. I tried Missha the other day and... not very impressed. Looking pretty! I love the Coffret lipstick on you~ And those bras are uber cute.

yumeko said...

yes i joined costco cos my husband is used to his australian ways and wants to eat big western meals XD

you dont have to spend much on skincare for it to be good sometimes esp for me in japan and u in seoul

there is so much demand that i find prices fairly low compared to usa. HEEHEE

i cant teach, no patience whatsoever haha and i am bad with children
i work in an investment bank on their trading floor ^_^

swing set theory said...

hey, I replied under your jujube post!
am searching for an eyecream too.
like yumeko I find the Korean market to be pretty good cos of supply & demand! Cute purchases btw.

fuzkittie said...

Those circle lenses are HUGE. I had to pry my eyes open more than usual just to put them in... haha! They do feel a bit uncomfortable because of how big they are.... :/

yumeko said...

you gotta try that hanskin bb hand cream

i got a question, i want to go seoul for a holiday soon, can i ask if there is a hanskin store/counter i can visit or is the stuff just sold everywhere?

is there a popular drugstore chain to buy cosmetics?

angie519 said...

Om goodness, look at all your Japanese cosmetics! I'm jealous!

Aw your place doesn't look that small! It does suck that you don't have an oven though =(

My mom loves to put those dried dates in things!