Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Magazine Goodies

I got bored so I took a few pictures from the December issue of Seventeen magazine (from Japan). The mix and match pictures are like Fuzkittie's Mix and Match Challenge. I wish I had the magazine before I entered the contest, all these looks were so cute and great ideas! So cute for winter but maybe not warm enough for me. I'm still in search of the perfect winter clothes. I can't over indulge on clothes if I want more makeup hehe.

My favourite is the dark blue/black sweater with the red and white patterns, it's just so wintery.

I'm starting to think whether I want bangs again. But I have these thick black framed Prada glasses and it looks funny when I wear them with bangs haha, and I don't think I want to wear contact lenses everyday. Actually, now that I'm thinking about black framed glasses and bangs, about 90% of Korean girls have that kinda thing going on.
I think bangs are hard to maintain, especially for me because I have an oily t-zone which makes my bangs look funny after some time. I don't like the growing out process, it makes me look funny. But I am indecisive so the decision on whether to cut my bangs will be lingering for a while.

I don't think I had my bangs cut properly the last time I did it, which was back in Hong Kong. The lady kind of rushed it and it was uneven. I wish I was back in Toronto with my regular hair dresser and then fly back to Seoul XD
I have a preview of my newest makeup addition. I recently purchased Skinfood's newest eyeshadow palette (Sugar Bloom Shadow Box) and it looks faaabulous. I'll show you swatches and more pictures later this week when I test it out. There are a few magazine pictures that I took from Seventeen and Vivi. The tutorials in the magazines use similar colours to the Sugar Bloon Shadow Box. I promise it'll be good and up later this week.

Speaking of Skinfood, I tried out a new sheet mask, the Seaweed sheet mask. My skin doesn't feel any different aside from the fact that it smells a bit funny hahaha.
I also got some samples of the new Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum, toner and lotion. The toner has little gold flakes in it. I personally don't feel like it does anything. It has a strange perfume scent to the lotion and toner. So far my skin has responded nicely to it. It feel so smooth! I'd say smoother and slightly less sticky than the usual Laneige emulsion that I use. I'm sure it's also cheaper. Whooohooo! I don't think I'll have enough of the Lifting Eye Serum to see/feel a difference. Maybe I should just go buy that whole line to try it out =p I'm starting to feel a Skinfood craving!

Anyone looking forward to Majolica Majorca's winter collection? It doesn't look too exciting to me. The Majolook palettes look like the older ones they had, with the rectangular highlighter shade on top and 3 shades on the bottom. It's kinda blah and they're just brown palettes anyway. (There's 2 new palettes)

To you: I'm making too many excuses in my mind, how I thought I still meant something to you....why do I even it even worth my time..? You're too busy to notice a way, I'm glad I'm not there.


Bittenbefore said...

i had a whole bunch of things to say abt this post till i read ur last line
i almost thought u read my mind

i am going through a similar thing. will invite u to that private blog later via email

Glow Chaser said...


Who has pissed you off??!! grrr

I have had my eyes fixed on this gold caviar stuff - does it smell bad i wonder?

xppinkx said...

Hey baby girl...

sorry for getting back to you so late...if you have any questions pertain to anything please email me! or if you have AIM contact me there...but do i think sex is taboo...i mean it really depends there is a time and place for in America were much more crude and blunt and sex sells pretty much everything...i have a drag queen for a cousin so my outlook on gays is like 2nd nature...

I have noticed that korean boys or men...they are very touchy feely with each other...why is that???

but yeah if youhave any question please ask me im like SEX 101~!!!

btw i just got some skinfood bb cream too!!! i got the mushroom one and so far i love it!!!...

GAHHHHh what i dont miss about the shower/bathroom ... shudders!

Kimberly Tia said...

oooo bangs... i say go for it -- it' "just hair" it grows back and you can always pin them to the side if they don't work out ^_^

and yummmmy magazines scans... skinfood MASKS!??! how FUN!

fuzkittie said...

Yay bangs!! Isn't it dry in Korea? If it's dry maybe your bangs won't get so greasy ... mine grow out way too fast! I have to keep trimming them!! Now they're swept to the side cuz they're too long again.

Love the mix and match stuff, hehehee. I really want to try the mascara, in black though.

yumeko said...

go the bangs
else get fake one
u can easily buy in korea

and i dont think they will discontinued unless they say so
like viseexvivi collab, maybe they will not make it , i am not sure if its LE

miemiemie said...

haha the only time i went to korea was during a stopover for my flight to the US :) we had a 10hour tour..mostly 6 hours and 4 hours for resting and waiting..its always sunny and hot here in the REAL freakn HOT,i hate it..i hate the sun..i'd rather be in cold and dark places..hahaha ;p asiana airlines is a korean airline isn't it? we took asiana on our last trip to the US..the airport is just 10-15minutes away from my house :)