Thursday, November 27, 2008

Barbie: The Makeup

Did I excite you with the title? I think every MAC addict will fall in love with this. I'm not a big user of MAC except for their fluidline, even then I don't love it. I first heard of the Barbie line when MAC released their limited edition stuff, of course not being a MAC fan, I didn't buy any of the products. I was browsing around blogs and noticed on Makeup For Life that there was a new makeup collection by Barbie, except it's its own brand rather than teamed up with MAC. I went to search for Barbie and found it at a drugstore. However, for a drugstore brand I think it's quite pricey. I can't remember the prices so you'll have to check out Makeup for Life.

All of the items have a sleek black look to them. The SA put the Sheer Glow Foundation, primer and powder on my hand. There was a set that had the hand cream and powder in it so I asked the SA how much. She told me it was 20000 won. I was so retarded (this is what I get for not knowing Korean), I found out at the cash register that if I get the hand cream and the powder, it would be 20000 won cheaper, kind of like a coupon promo thing. So I ended up not getting either item as the powder was 34000won whoa! The SA probably felt bad so she gave me some samples of the Sheer Glow Foundation. I haven't really tested it out on my face because it's too light for my skintone. The SA kept talking to me in Korean and we had such a hard time understanding each other. She was quite happy to let me know that it was made in Italy and pointed to which shade would suit me. However, her choices were based on the fact that most women liked to have a whiter skintone, so all the shades she chose for me to test were way too light.

So pretty right? I have no clue if it's #1 or #2 shade. I know there are more shades as well, and I'm sure the sample is the wrong choice for me. The SA tested the pressed powders on my hand as well. Sadly it only came in 2 tones: Light Beige and Peach Beige, neither of which suited me. It has a light almost baby powder scent to it. She also showed/told me that I should apply the powder on in sweeping motions and not patting. I also tried the primer. It's a white transparent primer. It was kind of watery, similar to the Laneige emulsions. I'm not sure if there's a scent to it as she put foundation on top already.

I have not tested this on my face as I've already mentioned. Judging by the testing on my hand, it's quite a watery foundation. I put this on the bottom of my forearm when I got home and it kinda slid around a bit if I moved my arm. Even though it had a watery consistency it's not that bad because you know it's a light foundation. It doesn't have super coverage and I believe it's got light-medium coverage. It spreads very smoothly and leaves a dewy almost shiny finish, even though the pamphlet says it's a matte finish. It feels very silky when it settles down though.
I think I'm gonna stick to looking for my HG BB cream first instead of purchasing these XD

My Sasa package arrived! The new Sana undereye concealer and my LE Winter DejaVu Fiberwig *drools*. Will post a review later on.

Remember how I mentioned that a waffle store had a promo? The promo was if you make a 10000won purchase or more, you get a free sample of a Hanskin BB cream. Turns out this sample was a full sized tube of the Super Magic BB Cream (30g). Hanskin has 2 sizes and the waffle place gave out the smaller size. I can't wait to try it!


Bittenbefore said...

wow good deal on the free hanskin! cos i am curious if that is any good
i currently use total hanskin bb cream and was thinking of switching to super hanskin, do review and tell us!!

also barbie makeup! very cool, i wonder if we have it here

btw i got your entry, thank you!!!!

p.s that sana concealer didnt do much for me even at the store, so do let me know how it is [but then again i have horrifying eyebags]

Maritime Moot said...

awesome. saw ure hanskin deluxe sample! as for the sales, i have a feeling its an end of season deal, so who knows maybe there wil be more discounts in January!

Do review the Sana concealer, I saw it today at Sasa but it seems pretty sheer, more like a concealer base.

MiuMiu said...

Hey Maritime Moot,
The samples/GWP are sometimes so strange lol.
The sana concealer isn't THAT great, mainly the packaging which was so cute. But I will be doing a review shortly when I have time =D

yumeko said...

i'll try to work on some felt cakes this weekend, if i figure it out will post a tutorial ok?

i have a few other things to sew but will try to get to it soon ^^

i cant remember how much the eyecream cost, it was a swap i did with a friend in korea XD

Betty said...

Ah you're so lucky to be able to try the barbie products! Too bad you did not purchase anything..Is it only available in Korea? I don't suppose you do CPs? lol