Sunday, November 9, 2008

Makeup This, Makeup That

Seriously...I think I should try to come up with better titles haha.
Yesterday, I stopped by the Lotte Department Store to browse the makeup counters. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's sort of a Korean version of Saks and Holt Renfrew, with mid-high end items.
I love and hate going to the makeup counters in Lotte. I love how there's so many different brands. I hate how each time I step within 4 feet from the counter, a SA comes along and starts talking to me in Korean. I don't speak Korean so I tell the SA in English (knowing that she won't understand me) that I'm just looking. But the still follow be around and it's to the point where they're breathing down my neck! If I pick up an item to look, that just excites them. The SA starts explaining to me the uses of the certain product, knowing that they don't understand. God..I hate when people have to hover around me when I'm trying to shop. I know they want to help and all, but I would like to shop in peace!
As I was wandering through the makeup department, I noticed the Kanebo counter and I almost wet my panties. I quickly threw myself upon the counter only to be disappointed. They had Lunasol and another brand, Impressa(?), but there is a lack of Lunasol items. There were only 2 geminate liners and not that many lip colours to choose from. I was interested in the Creamy Makeup Base, but it was about $38CAD for 30g. Actually, now that I think about it, Ichibankao sells it for about $44USD and on Ebay I found it for $40USD. Why oh why is Lunasol so pricey.
Another brand I was interested was Makeup Forever. I've read many reviews on the HD primers, foundations and finishing powder and I was curious about it. Well, what really turned me off was the price. The HD primer was about $45CAD and the HD foundation was about $50CAD. Talk about mark up... On the Sephora website, it's at least $10 cheaper. I think I'm gonna stock up on makeup when I go to HK.

Did anyone hear about the Maquillage holiday collection? I saw it on Rouge Deluxe's blog. I also saw on this blog some more pictures and even swatches. It's not too exciting for me though, I'm looking forward to the Coffret D'or holiday palettes. I'm sure it's going to be tiny, but it's the first holiday collection from Coffret D'or. It includes 3 e/s and 3 lipcolours. The Noble Dressy palette is the one that excites me. I hope Adam Beauty will have it on sale.

Don't these make you drool? They do for me! However, I'm not planning on getting the Sweet Dressy palette, it looks too similar to the 2007 Lavshuca holiday palette I have (the berry one).


Bittenbefore said...

those coffret palettes are already on sale here at 4200yen

but honestly, i swatched them on my hand and i didnt feel they were worth that XD [sorry@]

i have the full pamphlet if u want me to scan it but its similar to wats on the website i guess

Bittenbefore said...

ah they are pretty small! less than 1 inch by 1 inch.
the packaging is pretty though

reminds me of those summer palettes Lavshuca put out, except those were cheaper plastic XD [and cost less than 1/2]

i dont know how much the mix mode is so i dont know if u got ripped of

girl, its sooo cold here too!! i had to wear one of my winter coats today. XD

how much is lunasol eyeshadow palettes in korea? its 5250yen here in japan.

what other japanese brands do u like?

Kimberly Tia said...

mmm those palettes made me drool. but then again anything Japanese makes me drool.

as for that CRUNKY bar, I got it here at my local Marukai Japanese market.. it was the first time Ive ever seen it and had one, and it's soo deelish, it tasted like cappucino/coffee with crisps...mmmmmmm

yumeko said...

which makeup base did u want? u should have tried asking her for a sample. usually with bases etc i do as i am afriad my face will break out

have u seen maquillage's new winter releases with the specially designed cases?

the new lunasol spring palettes look so good to me too! i cant wait to check them out

actually i hate going depatos [department store] in winter cos they turn the heater on so high haha

yes it does snow in tokyo but possibly not till jan i think

btw you mentioned shopping in hongkong...i go there pretty often, got my next business trip planned in jan. any tips on places to go? i dont go many places there since its work but all reccomendations appreciated

Bittenbefore said...

i'll scan the phamplets i have for COD and macq ^^

can i ask where i can find NARS?
for some reason, i couldnt find it the last time

my company branch in HK is next to pacific mall but since i wont get to shop till weekend and i am heading to mongkok so those areas would be good?

thanks dear

and sure sure i'll take u around, are u going to take me around seoul heehee i speak very little korean though!

fuzkittie said...

They look so pretty but I really have no use with lip colors in a palette! I hate using those... I'm too lazy to use a brush.

Anonymous said...

The palette is only MYR98 which is less than USD30 here in Malaysia as they are having a promotion. I was told by the SA that the full price is MYR200. Hence I bought both of them. Plus some individual shadows were on clearance at MYR13 blush at MYR30. It was a steal. :)

MiuMiu said...

Hey anon,
You're lucky, these aren't sold in Seoul, so I gotta go online to buy them =/